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Well, smoo.

Saturday, December 5th, 2009

Apparently, yesterday was National Cookie Day. No wonder Mrs. Fields kept sending me coupon codes and such (well, more than the usual).

Though… apparently December is a clusterfwegh of National (food) Days. The 1st was National Pie Day. Today (the 5th) is Repeal of Prohibition Day.

Other particular food days of interest:

12/8: National Chocolate Brownie Day
12/12: National Cocoa Day
12/15: National Cupcake Day (note to self: tweet this to Tara Platt, ultimate cupcake fangirl. I am so not kidding, she squee’d when I tweeted a Jezebel link for the Periodic Table of Cupcakes XD )
12/16: National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day (I presume pocky is included?)
12/17: National Maple Syrup Day
12/21: National Hamburger Day
12/25: National Pumpkin Pie Day (hello, whoever came up with this is a MONTH LATE)
12/31: National Champagne Day (well THAT’S convenient)

Dear NBC minions (or whoever they outsource to) who code iPhone app tie-ins to their shows:

Please please please make a Twitter Tracker app!
In addition to being able to replay the Twitter Tracker segments on Conan (because flash support on the iPhone/iPod Touch is dumb and only supports Google, thus locking out the NBC video archive and Hulu and just about everything except YouTube and I think Vimeo) and link the relevant Twitter accounts, there is so much fun to be had with a Twitter Tracker app– mainly things involving stupidly-amusing text animation and abuse of the Twitter birdy!

Because, you know, this almost sadistic love of Twitter Tracker’s abuse of the bird is universal. If you like Twitter, it’s funny. If you HATE Twitter, it’s even better! Take THAT, bird!

So, yes. Twitter Tracker app… please? :(

♥, Yoshi

…dear god I’ve become an iTard.

And now Blastoise goes to sleep while I tweak Iggy some more. It has been suggested I slap Boxee on Iggy because he is a media center box and Boxee is supposed to be the most awesome media center software EVAR!!! or something, so I may as well give it a whirl. If Lifehacker gushes over it and even does features about building a dedicated system for Boxee and there are iPhone “remote” apps for it… then it can’t be mindless hype, right? >_> Guess there’s only one way to find out.

Also remember this Snowscheme? Consider it a clue for the next ’09 piece. >_>;


The movie that will give you the munchies

Friday, September 18th, 2009

Fellow foodies beware (or rejoice!): Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs hits theaters today. I remember reading the book as a kid, though judging by the trailers it seems the movie is more of a half-prequel. Seeing as the original book was much more concept than an actual story, I don’t see the harm in such a re-imagining. :P Also the disaster movie nerd in me is very much intrigued by the mentions of parodies of disaster flicks. :D Squee!

I’m actually surprised that Sony’s marketing department didn’t attempt some crazy promotional campaign with restaurant chains. I mean… come on, you KNOW with a movie like this, people are going to pile into restaurants afterwards. One can almost see dollar signs floating over the likes of Old Spaghetti Factory and IHOP. XD (However, Sony DOES have an ad for the Feeding America’s Hunger Helper campaign on the movie’s website.)

If rampant food imagery and disaster movie homages aren’t your thing, maybe this is: Mr. T has a bit part in it. Just saying.

I should see if I can wrench mother away from the evil bulldogs for movie+IHOP raid… either tonight or tomorrow. (This might be a BIT difficult since stupid weather has decided to get its lulz on and crank the temperature up to… WTF?! 102F?!)
Failing that, well, at the very least some Papa Johns minion will be throwing a pizza pie in my face.

(LJ Edition: Flonne’s OMG icon accurately reflects the mood of my inner disaster movie fangirl.)

The Geek Kitchen gets another upgrade

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

I never even mentioned it to mother. But… suddenly, I have a microwave in my laboratory. o_O

I went to House Cantlay today to install a SlingCatcher and a countertop that I bought from Floform countertops showroom located in Vancouver BC, and I get a txt a couple hours before getting home informing me I now have a microwave. Now, I know mother doesn’t come anywhere near Ayarane Project (the only place I ever mentioned wanting a microwave)… hm. Maybe it’s because the microwave in the master bedroom is constantly blocked off and most of my stockpiled munchies cannot be cooked in a toaster oven without the trays melting into a plastic sludgepile?

But, hey… free microwave! (Well, free as in I didn’t have to shell out for one.) On top of that mention of stockpiled frozen munchies, this also means I have a guaranteed means of reheating leftover pizza that DOESN’T take 20 minutes. :P

So, now my Geek Kitchen of “saving my ass when the kitchen is blocked off for hours or even days on end” now consists of both fridge and freezer, toaster oven and microwave. Also, R.F. Ohl will provide heating and cooling services to you.

And right as I’m typing this, that commercial with the overworked office dude accidentally microwaving his laptop comes on. That, uh… provokes the geek equivalent of male “sympathy cringing” (the type that involves covering one’s groin at the sight of seeing a fellow dude taking one in the shorts). *hugs ninja laptop*

For awhile, things are not fail

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

– shredding up heroics with Robert and boss in teh WoWz (if boss wants old man Phil to level faster, there’s still quite a few Outland instances he could drag my old ass through. Just sayin’.)
– late night burger, yum.
Mario skit on tonight’s Conan, hell yeah. Now I want to go dig up my DS…

Also, I may loot me a DSi in the near future. Remember how last year, during the summer for no reason I just up and ordered a bunch of things off Best Buy? Yeah, I think that’ll be a yearly thing I’ll do, a summer Treasure Box of Awesome. Maybe I’ll go through Gamestop this time and go eat up a bunch of old games I’ve been putting off.

Haven’t touched Sleepover for a couple days… last thing I did was just start to ink the Chelsea part of the second piece. Maybe tomorrow I’ll ink more.

On that note, I should, like, sleep and such.

Is it… octave? Or something.

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

People who know about tweaking ffdshow filter crap, I require your expertise!

I have in my torrented video pile some things that sound a little… off. Like they’re a couple octaves too high or something (you notice it mostly in the music, but some of the voices are also affected). I figured that these were just bad torrents and looted them again, only to find the issue unchanged… and only after testing videos encoded in other codecs (e.g. DivX, etc.) were fine did I begin to suspect that there has to be some way to force a setting somewhere to make these torrents sound normal, but a lot of these settings are gibberish to me.

Yes, these videos are extracts of my disaster movie stash that was lost when my previous DVR crashed, and I realize that I should just go buy up the DVD/Blu-Rays already… which I will when my VPI rebate check gets here, but I figured that knowing how to fix stuff like this would still be useful for future reference.

I just know it’s not a hardware thing because I’m encountering this on both Blastoise and Dinah. Halp? :(

Followup to OMG PIZZA:
Holy crap, Papa Johns manages to win even more. I do not know how, but they managed to improve upon my favorite config (sausage + pepperoni) with their new event pizza, “John’s Favorite.” I imagine it has to do with the tweaks to the cheese blend that was used in this config. I hope this becomes a permanent menu item, because if it does it’ll become “Yoshi’s Favorite.” /gg