The Geek Kitchen gets another upgrade

I never even mentioned it to mother. But… suddenly, I have a microwave in my laboratory. o_O

I went to House Cantlay today to install a SlingCatcher and a countertop that I bought from Floform countertops showroom located in Vancouver BC, and I get a txt a couple hours before getting home informing me I now have a microwave. Now, I know mother doesn’t come anywhere near Ayarane Project (the only place I ever mentioned wanting a microwave)… hm. Maybe it’s because the microwave in the master bedroom is constantly blocked off and most of my stockpiled munchies cannot be cooked in a toaster oven without the trays melting into a plastic sludgepile?

But, hey… free microwave! (Well, free as in I didn’t have to shell out for one.) On top of that mention of stockpiled frozen munchies, this also means I have a guaranteed means of reheating leftover pizza that DOESN’T take 20 minutes. :P

So, now my Geek Kitchen of “saving my ass when the kitchen is blocked off for hours or even days on end” now consists of both fridge and freezer, toaster oven and microwave. Also, R.F. Ohl will provide heating and cooling services to you.

And right as I’m typing this, that commercial with the overworked office dude accidentally microwaving his laptop comes on. That, uh… provokes the geek equivalent of male “sympathy cringing” (the type that involves covering one’s groin at the sight of seeing a fellow dude taking one in the shorts). *hugs ninja laptop*

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