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Lazy Bloggers

Sunday, July 6th, 2014

Okay, I am apparently all kinds of terrible at posting here. Well! That’s going to get fixed soon enough.


What HAVE I been up to, anyway? Uhm… not a whole lot, really. Being kind of a forced shut-in has made things take a turn for the majorly-boring (and depressing, since I’m direct witness to all the parental drama). Even though I’ve regained my mobility since before I was hospitalized (and then some!), it’s been decided for me that I’m “too weak” to go out or learn to drive again, and apparently the comfort of dogs trumps my need to be able to get around the house to see my cat, of all things, so I’ve been stuck in this non-bedroom of a Birdcage. I can’t even get Blastoise moved down here because there isn’t enough room in this rathole to set him up properly, so I’ve had to use Dinah exclusively. Not having dual monitors sucks! (Dinah’s ability to output to an HDTV via HDMI doesn’t count, it’s too far away to function effectively as a second monitor.)

On the upside, I did nab a Wii U for Yoshi Day. (Wow, did THAT one pass without me even posting about it. Well, here’s why: what should have been an awesome 30th birthday got TOTALLY tainted by stupid narcissist parent drama.) Specifically, I got the Mario and Luigi bundle, the one that has New SMB U (and the Luigi DLC). Still need to loot Mario Kart 8, which I can probably afford after taking all these Gourmet Ramen commissions.

Yeah, that’s right, I’ve been painting again, primarily Gourmet Ramen stuff because, well, I really do need money! Try as mother may, getting people to believe I’m “disabled forever” is not happening and the process of getting SSI/disability approved is slower than molasses. (Though, I guess deep down, I kinda want this, because some part of me thinks that if I get disability, I’ll have “given up.” And also be “cheating” because mother wants to pass off my thyroid problems and other not-disability-worthy stuff as evidence I’m supposedly disabled, and if she gets her way I feel like I’d be taking resources away from people who are legit-disabled.) ANYWAY. Because “normal work” is a bitch to find and painting is one of the only two things I’m good at anyway– the other being PC building– I’ve been trawling Twitter and the Diamond Club community for any takers for Gourmet Ramen commissions, to some success. So far I’ve made… enough to pay up my WoW account until next year, which is a start! I need to pile up more, though, because the renewal for this site’s hosting comes up in late October.

…which leads to now.

I need to, uh, do something about the design of AP. There’s obviously some outdated widgets and side pages I need to fix up, and possibly see about a newer layout down the line. Also WOW, has this domain really been around for, what, 13-ish years? I also missed the 10-year anniversary of Instant Ramen Sketchbook (which began the day I got my first tablet, that ratty old Aiptek, bless its parts!) D’oh!

I’m no longer posting to LiveJournal, since it seems, like, nearly all of my readership from that has moved onto places like Twitter and Facebook. I’m just going to have to be more proactive about posting here directly and better integrating my social media stuff into this blog (which goes back into repairing/replacing widgets and things).

Sooo, watch this blog! Again!

Yoshis and Gizmos and Jammers

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

As promised, extracted video of my Skype chat with the Giz Wiz and JammerB. Oh man. I forget if brendala is interested in MAD Magazine at all, but if she is she’ll surely rocket into orbit with this! XD

Also King Leo just name-dropped me (for “This Week in TWiT”) while talking with CEO Lisa about future possible TWiT swag. Hot.

I get the feeling I’m going to be quite busy in the coming weeks! *coin*

Harmonious Squee train on the Moon

Friday, January 15th, 2010


Beep beep beep, This is a squee alert.
Moreso for me, because I was right regarding my original guess on Alex’s VA (I later changed my prediction to Johnny Bosch since he seemed better suited to “boy next door” heroes, but a Yuri is fine too, I don’t give a flying smoo if he’s everywhere like 4chan). So now Yuri goes and VAs two of my favorite old-school RPG main characters ever in remakes– the other being Cecil. AWESOME~!

That is DEFINITELY Michelle Ruff as Jessica, I saw that coming a mile away. Etna-voice, hallo~
Also, most importantly: is that Liam O’Brien I hear as Ghaleon? O_O I figured XSEED would either tap him or Quinton Flynn. (I can imagine all the John Truitt fanboys on Gamefaqs are throwing a shitfit now, though. Yeah, I woulda liked him back too, but I wasn’t counting on XSEED being able to get any of the original WD VAs.)

I gotta listen to the others a bit more or wait until they post the trailer (and OH SNAP, OUTTAKES?! WANT. NOW.) so I can better ID the others.

I would say “this gets preordered YESTERDAY, with overnight shipping” except I already did.

Dammit, LifeForce, o partner in Lowen-fandom… I’m too squee’d up to sleep now not to mention I’m nomming on late-night Jack in the Box, when you get home it is SO on.

LJ Edition: Fiery-eyed Flonne is TOTALLY relevant to my interests.

The Geek Kitchen gets another upgrade

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

I never even mentioned it to mother. But… suddenly, I have a microwave in my laboratory. o_O

I went to House Cantlay today to install a SlingCatcher and a countertop that I bought from Floform countertops showroom located in Vancouver BC, and I get a txt a couple hours before getting home informing me I now have a microwave. Now, I know mother doesn’t come anywhere near Ayarane Project (the only place I ever mentioned wanting a microwave)… hm. Maybe it’s because the microwave in the master bedroom is constantly blocked off and most of my stockpiled munchies cannot be cooked in a toaster oven without the trays melting into a plastic sludgepile?

But, hey… free microwave! (Well, free as in I didn’t have to shell out for one.) On top of that mention of stockpiled frozen munchies, this also means I have a guaranteed means of reheating leftover pizza that DOESN’T take 20 minutes. :P

So, now my Geek Kitchen of “saving my ass when the kitchen is blocked off for hours or even days on end” now consists of both fridge and freezer, toaster oven and microwave. Also, R.F. Ohl will provide heating and cooling services to you.

And right as I’m typing this, that commercial with the overworked office dude accidentally microwaving his laptop comes on. That, uh… provokes the geek equivalent of male “sympathy cringing” (the type that involves covering one’s groin at the sight of seeing a fellow dude taking one in the shorts). *hugs ninja laptop*

(LOL BULLDOGS) Wilson needs a straightjacket

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009

When the thought of being relegated to being the Attic Monster really gets me down, things like the below make me… somewhat glad that I rarely venture down to the first floor. Lamentations of lack of human contact are quickly dashed by the glare of the jerk stepfather who can’t stand the sight of me for reasons I’ll never understand, and– OHGOD BULLDOGS AND CACOPHONY OF WOOF.

I know mother has realized (partially) the stupidity of leaving Wilson and BabyGirl intact long enough to go through one heat (on the grounds of “omg if I fix them too early it will stunt their growth!!1”), and will be getting at least the latter spayed afterwards… but, well, never underestimate the amount of FAIL that goes down on the first floor.

Wilson is so freaking horny that he’s chewing on the puppy gates. Dude wants out badly enough so he can make with the bow-chika-wow-wow.

Yoshi: Wilson looks like he could use a straightjacket.
Mother: He’s been acting crazy, I don’t know why. I want the old Wilson back so I can cuddle him!


Head, meet desk.

OF COURSE he’s nuts. He still has them! AND BabyGirl’s practically shoving her ass in his face. This is, like, the equivalent of Denlan being taunted by bikinified Nimue. Massive, MASSIVE “DUH” moment!

Countering mother’s seemingly-willful ignorance about dog care with facts is either an in-one-ear-out-the-other thing, or worse, her new favored tactic to avoid admitting that she’s in over her head is to question my sources (let’s see… Wikipedia, the same bulldog info sites mother frequents, oh, and father used to have a mess of dog books– that I KNOW mother never read beyond gawking at the puppy pictures– from waaay back when we had the labs in ’91, and I would read those whenever I got bored with reading the medical terminology and anatomy books that got bundled with the encyclopedia set) or claim I’m being too negative/serious and trying to undermine her efforts as a “dog mom.”

“Dog mom.”

Is it me, or does this strike me as actually being creepier than “Octomom?”

If, for some bizarre reason, anyone reading this is EVER considering getting a bulldog (of either the English, American or French flavoring)… well, don’t, unless you have insanely deep pockets or you are related/married to or are a vet yourself. Actually, even then I would advise against it. I’m not saying this because I’m biased in favor of cats, either, because they can be costly too. But if you MUST get a bulldog… do your sanity a favor, and only get one. And get it fixed as soon as possible. And FFS, do NOT skimp on obedience training! I don’t care how repetitive it may be. But, yes, definitely spay/neuter ASAP (I don’t get this “stunt their growth” BS, isn’t that a good thing? Makes them look small and puppy-like longer?)

Because, really, there is no sight more grotesque than two bulldogs trying to– and completely failing at*– having sex.
If that statement alone squicks you out and dissuaded you from getting one… my job is done. :P Else, proceed to the fine print below!

* I say fail because bulldog anatomy is so screwed up because of human meddling on the genetic level that they can’t even put it in. (That said, nothing stops them from going through the motions anyhow. Ahem…) Female bulldogs are effectively reduced to biological incubators when it comes to making puppies as you’re stuck with conducting more or less a doggy in-vitro, and then the puppies’ heads are so big that the mother can’t even whelp them without them getting stuck, hence a doggy c-section. No wonder bulldog puppies are $2000 a pop!