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Friday, August 25th, 2017

(copypasta’d from Twitter with light editing, that is)
aka “Yoshi needs to scrounge 180 coins by 10/27”

I am once again in need of some monetary assistance. My host contract for the Ayarane Project server (this very website) is up for renewal at the end of October (the 27th, to be specific). It’s up for renewal every 3 years, which works out to a very reasonable deal @ $5 a month, paid up front for $180.

It was a reasonable amount to deal with at the time I purchased the hosting (late 2008) but disability and the sharply reduced income that comes with it makes renewing a LITTLE painful. I have and will continue doing what I can to save up to pay for it, but since I lose 80% of my monthly SSI payments to household bills and much of the leftover is eaten up by my personal expenses (Tracfone and MMO subs) I don’t have much wiggle room.

I’ve had the domain+server since 2001 and I would really, REALLY hate to lose everything I’ve accomplished on my website over the years, even though I see more use of Twitter/Facebook these days. Please indulge this derplord’s wish to preserve a huge chunk of my online identity.

Commissions are the usual go-to but I realize that at $50 it’s not the most affordable, so I’ve made a Ko-fi account as a more accessable option. I also plan to do some kind of streaming to hopefully solicit additional donations! Please vote in this Strawpoll for what you would like to see me stream. I’ll PROBABLY pick the top two, though I reserve the right to substitute at my discretion if things glitch out.

(To preemptively address a recurring question: Patreon is NOT an option as is anything that requires filling out a 1040 form, since it is considered “recurring income” and would surely attract unwanted attention from Social Security. Single-instance things like commissions, Ko-fi and direct paypal transfers are “grey area” and unlikely to get my SSI benefits torpedoed.)

If you’re not able to donate, no worries– you can still help by sharing this post/future stream notifications and referring your friends who are in search of a commission artist.

Lazy Bloggers

Sunday, July 6th, 2014

Okay, I am apparently all kinds of terrible at posting here. Well! That’s going to get fixed soon enough.


What HAVE I been up to, anyway? Uhm… not a whole lot, really. Being kind of a forced shut-in has made things take a turn for the majorly-boring (and depressing, since I’m direct witness to all the parental drama). Even though I’ve regained my mobility since before I was hospitalized (and then some!), it’s been decided for me that I’m “too weak” to go out or learn to drive again, and apparently the comfort of dogs trumps my need to be able to get around the house to see my cat, of all things, so I’ve been stuck in this non-bedroom of a Birdcage. I can’t even get Blastoise moved down here because there isn’t enough room in this rathole to set him up properly, so I’ve had to use Dinah exclusively. Not having dual monitors sucks! (Dinah’s ability to output to an HDTV via HDMI doesn’t count, it’s too far away to function effectively as a second monitor.)

On the upside, I did nab a Wii U for Yoshi Day. (Wow, did THAT one pass without me even posting about it. Well, here’s why: what should have been an awesome 30th birthday got TOTALLY tainted by stupid narcissist parent drama.) Specifically, I got the Mario and Luigi bundle, the one that has New SMB U (and the Luigi DLC). Still need to loot Mario Kart 8, which I can probably afford after taking all these Gourmet Ramen commissions.

Yeah, that’s right, I’ve been painting again, primarily Gourmet Ramen stuff because, well, I really do need money! Try as mother may, getting people to believe I’m “disabled forever” is not happening and the process of getting SSI/disability approved is slower than molasses. (Though, I guess deep down, I kinda want this, because some part of me thinks that if I get disability, I’ll have “given up.” And also be “cheating” because mother wants to pass off my thyroid problems and other not-disability-worthy stuff as evidence I’m supposedly disabled, and if she gets her way I feel like I’d be taking resources away from people who are legit-disabled.) ANYWAY. Because “normal work” is a bitch to find and painting is one of the only two things I’m good at anyway– the other being PC building– I’ve been trawling Twitter and the Diamond Club community for any takers for Gourmet Ramen commissions, to some success. So far I’ve made… enough to pay up my WoW account until next year, which is a start! I need to pile up more, though, because the renewal for this site’s hosting comes up in late October.

…which leads to now.

I need to, uh, do something about the design of AP. There’s obviously some outdated widgets and side pages I need to fix up, and possibly see about a newer layout down the line. Also WOW, has this domain really been around for, what, 13-ish years? I also missed the 10-year anniversary of Instant Ramen Sketchbook (which began the day I got my first tablet, that ratty old Aiptek, bless its parts!) D’oh!

I’m no longer posting to LiveJournal, since it seems, like, nearly all of my readership from that has moved onto places like Twitter and Facebook. I’m just going to have to be more proactive about posting here directly and better integrating my social media stuff into this blog (which goes back into repairing/replacing widgets and things).

Sooo, watch this blog! Again!

Ayarane Project @ Hover

Monday, April 16th, 2012

This is probably of little interest to non-geeks, but I’ve changed the domain registrar for Ayarane Project.

Once upon a time, AP was born from GoDaddy (and hosted at Interscot) because at the time, domains were just starting to not cost an arm and a leg to register. Also at the time, GoDaddy was, uh… “no, seriously, it’s not porn, it just SOUNDS sexy!” Obviously, that no longer applies as they’ve recruited sexy models as part of their advertising. (And their “too hot for internet” ads weren’t even that good!) I could care less about that, however, as it was all the clunky interfaces and attempt to sell extra services that kinda bothered me.

Enter Hover! It sounds like a no-name registrar, but if you’ve been on the internets as long as I have, you would know that they are owned by the dudes who run Tucows. Man, that brings back memories! :D Anywho, they happened to advertise on TWiT (specifically, FrameRate),special domain and all, and AP was up for renewal anyhow, so much like an Angry Bird, into the domain slingshot it went. I like Hover’s UI, it’s all “I just took a bath!” clean, and the worst it tries to do on upselling is pitch more email– a redundancy if you go elsewhere for hosting. :P

I still need to buy up a couple other domains but at least the one that matters is covered for the next 3 years.

(Ayarane Project) Old Server and Domains and Ramens

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

Finally, I’ve axed the old Interscot hosting account. Mostly, I was lazy about poking Interscot to kill it, because, well, how awkward is it to say “oh hi, I changed hosting providers so I don’t really need this one anymore?” o_o But, it’s done and over with, as is that slow drip in my bank account.

It’s also time to renew the domain itself. Part of me wants to move over to Hover, but I stay on GoDaddy and use promo codes to support podcasts I like (I think last time I used a Scam School promo code). Hm. Whatever the case, I may also buy up a couple of relevant domains to slap on AP as forwards and what-have-you. :P

Remember, next week, I get to put my brain back in my head. Give or take a few days, the spice Ramen will flow again! I can’t say what, specifically… I’ll just leave that to the randomizer block. I know I’ve a couple of Gourmet Ramens still in the queue but I want to give the Randomizer Block first dibs to see what happens when the brain fog clears and the Synthroid kicks in. Wee~

(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) New Sauce For the Webernets

Saturday, May 15th, 2010

What the hell is this? It’s redonkulous, that’s what. Not only do I do fan art of freaking pundits on the TV, now I’ve taken to doing fan art of podcast hosts! WTF!

In all seriousness, though, I like NSFW way, way too much, so this was going to happen eventually. :P Both hosts were greatly, GREATLY amused. :) I like these instances in which I get to blindside such awesome people with Instant Ramen as payback for providing all that win.

In other news, commenting has now been enabled on the main Ayarane Project feed (as in, what you see when you go to Trying to shunt all feedback into the LiveJournal feed is not proving effective, so may as well just open the gates on all sides henceforth. Just like on Facebook, you’ll always have the option to come to the core LJ version if you wish. So, pick your poison!