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(Ayarane Project) Old Server and Domains and Ramens

by Yoshi on Apr.22, 2011 | ITP:

Finally, I’ve axed the old Interscot hosting account. Mostly, I was lazy about poking Interscot to kill it, because, well, how awkward is it to say “oh hi, I changed hosting providers so I don’t really need this one anymore?” o_o But, it’s done and over with, as is that slow drip in my bank account.

It’s also time to renew the layer-infinity.net domain itself. Part of me wants to move over to Hover, but I stay on GoDaddy and use promo codes to support podcasts I like (I think last time I used a Scam School promo code). Hm. Whatever the case, I may also buy up a couple of relevant domains to slap on AP as forwards and what-have-you. :P

Remember, next week, I get to put my brain back in my head. Give or take a few days, the spice Ramen will flow again! I can’t say what, specifically… I’ll just leave that to the randomizer block. I know I’ve a couple of Gourmet Ramens still in the queue but I want to give the Randomizer Block first dibs to see what happens when the brain fog clears and the Synthroid kicks in. Wee~

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