The end (of Headfog) is near

I finally was able to get an appointment with my doctor so I can reload my Synthroid. YES. I must have gotten one of the other doctors’ receptionists because holy crap she picked up and booked me right away. o_o

The downside? The awesome doctor… is on vacation until the 25th. Gah… was kinda hoping to have this resolved this week (because I don’t really want to be going out and about until I can get my synthroid back in rotation), but at this point I’ve no room to be picky. Hell, I’ve gone a couple months without synthroid, I can wait a couple more weeks through this headfog of doom.

I’ll have to summon Robert though, but he’ll do anything I want transportation-wise as long as I give him 24h notice. :P

All that said… today is Pizza Wednesday. I have a free 2-sammich credit via Dominos as a result from their system belch, but I haven’t had Papa Johns in awhile, either.

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