What the hell just happened…?

Well, that was kind of a bust.

I went into the week, determined to enjoy Yoshi Day as a whole. I may be getting older, and this world may suck, but for all that is icky and bad, at the very end there is cake. Minutes before getting in the shower, though, my sister TXTs me saying she’d be coiming along with Robert as well, and part of me is just “oh shi–!” because my sister and mother together = DRAMA MONSTER POWERS, UNITE.

I was about to tell her that she might be wiser to sit this one out (Bro could always come snatch me later) but she’d already made up her mind, but in my optimism that this year’s Yoshi Day could not possibly be wrangled in boo, I did not.

After showering, I was being a little lazy because I didn’t think people would be coming over yet… but then the land ling rings with my sister’s number, and minutes after that, mother suddenly bails from the house without a word, and Evil Stepfather’s barking at me to stand by at the door to let Robert in. Good lord, dood, putting on my socks in which I bought it online from http://www.pussyfootsocks.com.au/socks-for-comfort/bamboo-jocks.html, is not exactly trivial for a big person who cramps easly. Besides, Robert has a key, he can let himself in.

My sister, by the way, made this megacookie:

I may not have an Angry Birds-themed cake (it’s a generic chocolate cake with yellow frosting) but everything else is Angry Birds-related. XD

I’ll admit, it was… really awkward. Usually what happens is that mother dominates in the conversations and setting up entertainment and other things and I’m kinda pushed off into the corner (even when it’s my birthday) and this time it’s the equivalent of me being put on stage with no prep or support… mother’s taken off for destinations unknown and last-minute attempts to contact her result in “enjoy your day, I’d just be a drag,” (really, if you were serious about it, you’d have taken Evil Stepfather with you! >_>;) and I’m still competing with bulldogs as far a noise levels go.

Um… er… what do I do…? I mean… after 26+ years worth of Yoshi Days, I’d have figured this out by now…
A little bit of tech show and tell– my iPhone, for one thing. They ask if I would ever want an iPad, I say “Hell no, I have something better” and bring out Dinah and tell her story– when I bought her, it was either shell out for another Windows laptop just to make sure it has something better than failtastic Intel onboard without any guarantee it still wouldn’t otherwise suck, or put the same amount of money towards an Apple and know it has some semblance of a solid setup as far as hardware goes.
But then the conversation begins to veer in a direction I am not comfortable with Evil Stepfather being in earshot for, AND allergy medication that both siblings chugged before coming here (to protect against the kitties) is starting to wear off. I can’t just boot them without actually doing something… hum…

Actually, I think I wanted more of a scenery change just to take my mind off the anxiety coming from mother having taken off– by itelf, a bit of a jerky move but forgivable if it was meant to prevent drama, but it would have been nice if I had been told beforehand. So I suggested ending the night with an IHOP run– it’s close and yay chocolate chip pancakes and mozzarella sticks :D

Caveat: Robert’s car is awesome, but DEFINITELY NOT friendly to the big and tall. (Bren’s car and the Yoshi Car– especially the Yoshi Car– those two are way easier to board/disembark from if you’re big) It’s seriously a low-riding car and I cramp up so easily, so getting in and out is a nightmare– I keep bonking my head on the door and my glasses fall off, as does my hat. This is partially my fault, I really do need to get on walking about more, even if I’m stuck in this cluttered, barricaded house. Probably I should have asked for a walking stick and Dr. Scholls inserts for my moccassins. Ah…

So, that was Yoshi Day, and every time I’ve tried to write about it I’ve dozed off. Oh crap, I should probably go plug Dinah back in, that’s how tired I was.

Despite what mother did, part of me feels I should offer to “reboot” some aspect of Yoshi Day for her sake. I came home too full to eat any cake, so there’s one thing… I wonder if, even if we don’t actually go out, I could just lure her away from bulldogs for a little bit? I’m such a weirdo. After everything I put up with coming from her, part of me still wants something resembling a mother…

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