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Cleanup Act Part 2: Speed Boost

Thursday, June 21st, 2012

So, uh… while I was at the clinic yesterday to get my synthroid script renewal, mother decided to break into my bedroom to vacuum and such. It turned into her turning my room inside out (leaving the media center alone) and the hallways are a mess and I ended up not having a bed yesterday but omg I was just able to get back up to see my room and it kinda looks like a hotel room now. XD Well, with a small pile of Angry Birds plushies in the corner, that is. (I’ll get pics later, we’re not quite done restoring everything yet)

Mother’s real target, though, was some of the belbac on my windows that had rusted over several years ago but we just never got to getting the stuff removed.

But yes, now I have something resembling a legit adult bedroom, and more importantly with much of the old dust and cat hair purged so Kestine and I won’t be hacking up like balls from all of that nonsense. (Concurrently, because of the cleaning and the dust and the chemicals involved in trying to get this belbac off my window, I’ve had to turn off Yggdrasil. Can’t have the old man coughing up a partition here. :P)

I did, however, discover something worse than the demon chair. The white couch downstairs. It screws with my inner left ear if I fall asleep on it, and makes my right leg go numb. I feel like death warmed over when I wake up in it, and can’t hear out of my left ear for a few minutes. I have NO idea what pressure point it’s invoking that impacts my EAR. WTF dood.

this was written over several hours because I kept falling asleep. In my bed. And oh crap Dinah’s going to need her power brick soon, been running off batter this whole time. x_x

Still not getting it

Thursday, June 14th, 2012

I’m still a dumbface about renewing my synthroid on time. Well, it’s part my fear of using the telephone (even though I’m packing an iPhone, but I am 99% more likely to TXT or tweet off it than use the actual Phone app), part my not wanting to deal with Dr. Santos’ lazy front desk staff and part “it’s freaking 2012, and Inland Health Care STILL doesn’t have online appointment booking?”

Seriously, these doods are walking around with laptops and USB tools and iPads… and I still have to phone in appointment requests. Don’t give me that “it’s good to not always have an Internet option” crap, this is just ridiculous. I can book appointments online at freaking Lens Crafters, and I’m sure online appointment web apps are a dime a dozen (my freaking web host has ’em in their library of instant web app installers), it’s not that hard. Even my brother thinks it’s absurd, and he’s normally a stubborn, upgrade-phobic grouch about these things.


Brain fog isn’t the main consequence this time, but rather it’s this sudden… itchy patch that’s appeared on my chin and is spreading. Not a problem unless, um, I yawn or want to eat something that requires me to open up wide, and then it’s all “ow ow why does it hurt to stretch” and… yeah, not fun. :|

Anyway, need to harass the IHC front desk (yay) and then Lens Crafters (it’ll probably be better in the long run to replace my glasses after I get my synthroid reloaded since that might have a finger in my vision, too). Ah, fun times.

Blastoise is Dead

Saturday, November 19th, 2011

Um… what the crap? Something just WTFtorpedoed Blastoise. W32/Blaster worm. (Dude, isn’t that super old?) Apparently it was that hardcore that it just… grew out of my recycle bin, bypassed AVG and gave poor Blastoise an epic headshot, enough to shut off everything he had running and for Windows Security Center to activate and throw an epic tantrum.

I wasn’t doing anything weird, either. Just playing WoW (levelling Kophilionel via LFD, specifically) and watching Gurren Lagann while waiting for the dungeon finder to do its thing. Then when I went to check TweetDeck, Blastoise froze up and… yeah.

Mother is NOT helping. When I sent down the alert to scan all active Windows machines immediately, she claims I did something to open up Blastoise. Yeah, um, no. I take reasonable measures to protect the network and my machines while avoiding unnecessary redundancies; Blastoise and Iggy run their virus scanners daily, and I’ve pretty much stopped torrenting as of late. Sometimes you can be as careful as you can, cross your T’s and dot your I’s and freak accidents like this happen anyway. Why doesn’t she get it? Of course, she HAD to bring up my one failed repair job as an excuse to make me second-guess my ability to build things… really? I do her the due diligence of warning her about a virus attack and she throws it back at me like that? Screw that noise.

(For the record, everyone else is in the clear. I don’t know if what Blastoise got was network-aware and could have jumped to other machines, but that’s not going to happen now.)


Blastoise is not coming back in his current body. Yes, there’s the “reinstall Windows” option but, if you’ve been reading previous posts, he’s up for a rebuild this month (specifically, looting his new parts on/after Black Friday) so it’s not worthwhile to reload him only to do it AGAIN in a new body a little over a week after. Mother is completely baffled as to why I’m not running around like a headless chicken all the same, as she would do in a similar situation. -_-

Now, as awful as all this sounds, it could have been way, way worse. Blow-ups like this is exactly why Yggdrasil exists– dood has the mission-critical stuff like Instant Ramen and the Ragnarok TWILIGHT work folders backed up (PLUS they’re additionally mirrored via Dropbox and Ayarane Project).

UPDATE: It’s not Blaster, but rather a fake antivirus disguised as a Blaster infection. Freaking virus writers. It doesn’t make Blastoise any less dead, but that’s what took him out. Well, aren’t I glad I use one of the top 10 antivirus.I thought it was weird since Blaster supposedly can’t infect Windows 7 machines…

Medical Anomaly, Part 2

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

…did I seriously just pay $52 for my doctor to tell me EXACTLY the same stuff he told me yesterday when he called to say he was cranking up my synthroid? WTF. Why did I bother to go? Oh wait… if I didn’t go, the clinic would still bill me as if I had gone. *sigh*

Well, at least it’s not as much as last year. It’s weird, my synthroid was only $10 where it was almost double that last year, and the doctor visits were, like, $80… huh.

Awesome doctor concurs that my mother is a wee bit off. He has a bulldog– ONE bulldog, not three. Now that he knows I’m an attic monster and that currently the best I can do as far as exercise is pacing around in the teeny, uncluttered part of the stretch of hallway (let’s see how many times I can go without having to sit! …wow, that sounds really pathetic!) because otherwise my presence causes the dogs to go berserk and bark like I’m a home invader, I think my circumstances make a little more sense to him.

Mother, on the other hand, doesn’t believe a word of the lab results and wishes Awesome Doctor would be more of a fat-shaming asshole. *sigh* When will she get that she can’t just… force people to back her up when she breaks out the concern troll-y to make it look like I’m someone who should be controlled/restrained/brainwashed into submission.

…like I’m a dog. HMM.

I just don’t even answer her ranting anymore, not feeding into her drama-making, “poor me” venting. I am not going to die next Tuesday, sheesh. -_-;

In other news, need to hurry the hell up and finish this ramen piece. I’ve others in the queue piping up. One of them involves Numair and a rubber ducky… and an extremely nosy kitty who tempts fate via bathtub. >_>;

Medical Anomaly

Tuesday, May 24th, 2011

Herp a derp. The awesome doctor calls with my blood test results… and this leads to a WTF moment in a good way? I guess…?

So, as much as I am a fat chick who looks like she could faceplant at any moment (or so mother claims)… internally, things are actually looking pretty nice. Recall how last year I got slapped with anemia and such? Apparently… not so much anymore! I don’t get it either. It’s not like I really changed my diet… Best not to question these things. :P (That and I doubt anyone would believe me… least of all mother, who’s convinced I’m going to die, and she’s more concerned about people judging her.)

I just need to have not-crappy stamina so I don’t get winded so easily and thus doods won’t stare at me. Given that all I have as far as walking spaces that won’t set off the bulldogs is the cluttered hallway on the 2nd level. (I prefer NOT to trigger the CACOPHONY OF WOOF if I can help it, it’s too much of a drama-maker and puts everyone on edge for the next couple of hours. Freaking bulldogs.)