Cleanup Act Part 2: Speed Boost

So, uh… while I was at the clinic yesterday to get my synthroid script renewal, mother decided to break into my bedroom to vacuum and such. It turned into her turning my room inside out (leaving the media center alone) and the hallways are a mess and I ended up not having a bed yesterday but omg I was just able to get back up to see my room and it kinda looks like a hotel room now. XD Well, with a small pile of Angry Birds plushies in the corner, that is. (I’ll get pics later, we’re not quite done restoring everything yet)

Mother’s real target, though, was some of the belbac on my windows that had rusted over several years ago but we just never got to getting the stuff removed.

But yes, now I have something resembling a legit adult bedroom, and more importantly with much of the old dust and cat hair purged so Kestine and I won’t be hacking up like balls from all of that nonsense. (Concurrently, because of the cleaning and the dust and the chemicals involved in trying to get this belbac off my window, I’ve had to turn off Yggdrasil. Can’t have the old man coughing up a partition here. :P)

I did, however, discover something worse than the demon chair. The white couch downstairs. It screws with my inner left ear if I fall asleep on it, and makes my right leg go numb. I feel like death warmed over when I wake up in it, and can’t hear out of my left ear for a few minutes. I have NO idea what pressure point it’s invoking that impacts my EAR. WTF dood.

this was written over several hours because I kept falling asleep. In my bed. And oh crap Dinah’s going to need her power brick soon, been running off batter this whole time. x_x


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