Blastoise is Dead

Um… what the crap? Something just WTFtorpedoed Blastoise. W32/Blaster worm. (Dude, isn’t that super old?) Apparently it was that hardcore that it just… grew out of my recycle bin, bypassed AVG and gave poor Blastoise an epic headshot, enough to shut off everything he had running and for Windows Security Center to activate and throw an epic tantrum.

I wasn’t doing anything weird, either. Just playing WoW (levelling Kophilionel via LFD, specifically) and watching Gurren Lagann while waiting for the dungeon finder to do its thing. Then when I went to check TweetDeck, Blastoise froze up and… yeah.

Mother is NOT helping. When I sent down the alert to scan all active Windows machines immediately, she claims I did something to open up Blastoise. Yeah, um, no. I take reasonable measures to protect the network and my machines while avoiding unnecessary redundancies; Blastoise and Iggy run their virus scanners daily, and I’ve pretty much stopped torrenting as of late. Sometimes you can be as careful as you can, cross your T’s and dot your I’s and freak accidents like this happen anyway. Why doesn’t she get it? Of course, she HAD to bring up my one failed repair job as an excuse to make me second-guess my ability to build things… really? I do her the due diligence of warning her about a virus attack and she throws it back at me like that? Screw that noise.

(For the record, everyone else is in the clear. I don’t know if what Blastoise got was network-aware and could have jumped to other machines, but that’s not going to happen now.)


Blastoise is not coming back in his current body. Yes, there’s the “reinstall Windows” option but, if you’ve been reading previous posts, he’s up for a rebuild this month (specifically, looting his new parts on/after Black Friday) so it’s not worthwhile to reload him only to do it AGAIN in a new body a little over a week after. Mother is completely baffled as to why I’m not running around like a headless chicken all the same, as she would do in a similar situation. -_-

Now, as awful as all this sounds, it could have been way, way worse. Blow-ups like this is exactly why Yggdrasil exists– dood has the mission-critical stuff like Instant Ramen and the Ragnarok TWILIGHT work folders backed up (PLUS they’re additionally mirrored via Dropbox and Ayarane Project).

UPDATE: It’s not Blaster, but rather a fake antivirus disguised as a Blaster infection. Freaking virus writers. It doesn’t make Blastoise any less dead, but that’s what took him out. Well, aren’t I glad I use one of the top 10 antivirus.I thought it was weird since Blaster supposedly can’t infect Windows 7 machines…

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