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Level 28

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Oh hi. So I’m 28 yet I still feel like I’m barely an adult, just fatter and nerdier and even less conventionally-attractive. Go me!

…absolutely nothing of note happened on Yoshi Day, as predicted. Just as well, it was too cold out to do much anyhow (it had drizzled earlier that morning). My brother did break his “radio silence out of laziness” for birthday wish TXT messages– as I suspected, his WoW account expired and he’s just been paying bills. Hi, it would have been nice for him or boss to give me notice or, better still, promote me to a level that I can reinvite returning players to Shattered Knights. Oh no, but that would be “work” for them, wouldn’t it? They LOL’d at me for being inexperienced before, but can’t be bothered to act like responsible adults for even a few minutes to make sure there is always someone wearing something resembling boss pants. Bleh. (And because I’m too damn nice, I’d still issue ’em Scrolls of Resurrection for when the expansion hits the live servers.)

Speaking of WoW… who has two thumbs and kicked Deathwing’s ass during tonight’s Dragon Soul 10-man? This dood. “Koyoshial, Destroyer’s End” FTW! Finally, I have something I can dangle over my brother’s head for once. (But I still want Kingslayer, too!) I also walked away with a nice little pile of upgrades, among them being the T13 mage hat (Time Lord’s Hood) which puts me in full Time Lord’s Regalia. Hot.


I forgot to snap pics of the cake… but just as well, it wasn’t what normally constitutes “birthday cake” anyway. (The store actually ran out of generic birthday cakes that day!) It was one of those fancy cakes that are… uhm… I guess the closest possible context would be that it’s a “mature” cake that adults eat in their best happy hour, something classy and expensive-looking that you would get at a high-class restaurant. But it was solid chocolate, so who am I to complain? But easter is coming up and I’m pretty sure mother is going to loot another cake for that one as she is convinced I hated the “backup” cake I got and I’m just saying I liked it just to be nice. (…what? That’s not true at all! It may not be standard birthday cake, but cake is cake, especially chocolate cake.)

I haven’t unboxed most of my loot yet: I only just opened one of the three, a Big Brother-type Angry Birds plush (w/ sound chip). I’m holding onto the other two until I can drag [info]neophoenixte on Skype since one of them is obviously his. (A reused NewEgg box with kooky writing on it…)

Very very slowly cleaning off the left arm of my “desk” so I can jam a third monitor in here and thus make my new video card fully usable. Mmm, triple monitor mode… it’s going to rock faces off. I’m almost tempted to just retire this bigass CRT monster early (it still works, just 9 years old and has hardcore ghosting that is starting to interfere with Instant Ramen) and pick up two Samsungs that I saw on sale a few days ago on Amazon to replace the CRT and fill the 3rd display slot. My office is going to be effing Mission Control at this rate. I mean, it is already… just even MORESO. Or maybe it’s a Gundam cockpit…

This dumb chair is bothering me, which I guess is my cue to let Blastoise pass into sleep mode and go play Tales of the Abyss for the rest of the evening.

Effect of Mass (retake) + Yoshi Day 2012

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

One system rebuild and one emergency video card swap later, I’ve cleared the first Mass Effect. (Let’s hope Blastoise doesn’t make a habit of killing his video card every time I play a new game. :P)

I got roped in because of Boss Kar (from WoW) and I believe Jessie further prodded me into playing. That was back in, uh, September. For some reason, I didn’t get very far and I got distracted by something else, and by the time I was about to resume, Blastoise got torpedo’d by some new virus and I had to rebuild him, losing my saved games in the process. And you know what happened with the second time around, the whole “FemShep is so awesome she made my video card kill itself!”

Short game is…. amazingly short. (Especially for something that eats 10GB, ouch) You can easily burn a few more hours digging through all the star systems for surveys and away missions, but I gather the main story is about 10 hours long. Not that it’s a bad thing, mind you! I mean, it’s not like any corners were cut plot-wise, things just happen to unfurl and resolve themselves in a small timeframe. Ha ha ha.

Also, if you’re like me and shooters aren’t normally your thing because you have crap for reflexes (I could barely handle Metal Gear and Metroid Prime), Mass Effect is extremely forgiving in that department. There’s no shame in picking Casual if that’s the case. Sure, there are achievements for higher difficulty settings, but as far as I know, toggling it doesn’t mess with the story, any.

I like when, during one of the side missions, I found a Geth assault rifle! (Can’t remember the name off-hand.) It’s kinda like how in later FF’s where you find a kickass weapon (usually a “dormant” version of your final weapon) but has no upgrade slots. But it was good enough to last me the rest of the way. Also: PEW PEW PEW. No, really. Cute laser beams! :D

I used Liara and Tali for pretty much all of my missions as soon as I got them.

Now I just have to get another hard drive (probably another SSD, devoted entirely for games) so I can loot the second and third games, I can’t keep swapping out installs on my system drive, it’s way too messy that way.

I have no bloody clue what’s going on locally for Yoshi Day. Not a peep from Robert (via TXT or WoW). It could be that I’ll have to take things online– I’ve got a free pizza credit and a webcam (two if I plug the eyeball into Dinah), and I’ve been meaning to play with Google Hangout anyhow.

For those on the Twitter side, you know what would rock faces off? Get #YoshiDay trending, because April Fools sucks and should GTFO. Cakes trump pranks, dood!

Ah, here come the first of the automated “happy birthday” emails (from forums and such). :P

What the hell just happened…?

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Well, that was kind of a bust.

I went into the week, determined to enjoy Yoshi Day as a whole. I may be getting older, and this world may suck, but for all that is icky and bad, at the very end there is cake. Minutes before getting in the shower, though, my sister TXTs me saying she’d be coiming along with Robert as well, and part of me is just “oh shi–!” because my sister and mother together = DRAMA MONSTER POWERS, UNITE.

I was about to tell her that she might be wiser to sit this one out (Bro could always come snatch me later) but she’d already made up her mind, but in my optimism that this year’s Yoshi Day could not possibly be wrangled in boo, I did not.

After showering, I was being a little lazy because I didn’t think people would be coming over yet… but then the land ling rings with my sister’s number, and minutes after that, mother suddenly bails from the house without a word, and Evil Stepfather’s barking at me to stand by at the door to let Robert in. Good lord, dood, putting on my socks in which I bought it online from, is not exactly trivial for a big person who cramps easly. Besides, Robert has a key, he can let himself in.

My sister, by the way, made this megacookie:

I may not have an Angry Birds-themed cake (it’s a generic chocolate cake with yellow frosting) but everything else is Angry Birds-related. XD

I’ll admit, it was… really awkward. Usually what happens is that mother dominates in the conversations and setting up entertainment and other things and I’m kinda pushed off into the corner (even when it’s my birthday) and this time it’s the equivalent of me being put on stage with no prep or support… mother’s taken off for destinations unknown and last-minute attempts to contact her result in “enjoy your day, I’d just be a drag,” (really, if you were serious about it, you’d have taken Evil Stepfather with you! >_>;) and I’m still competing with bulldogs as far a noise levels go.

Um… er… what do I do…? I mean… after 26+ years worth of Yoshi Days, I’d have figured this out by now…
A little bit of tech show and tell– my iPhone, for one thing. They ask if I would ever want an iPad, I say “Hell no, I have something better” and bring out Dinah and tell her story– when I bought her, it was either shell out for another Windows laptop just to make sure it has something better than failtastic Intel onboard without any guarantee it still wouldn’t otherwise suck, or put the same amount of money towards an Apple and know it has some semblance of a solid setup as far as hardware goes.
But then the conversation begins to veer in a direction I am not comfortable with Evil Stepfather being in earshot for, AND allergy medication that both siblings chugged before coming here (to protect against the kitties) is starting to wear off. I can’t just boot them without actually doing something… hum…

Actually, I think I wanted more of a scenery change just to take my mind off the anxiety coming from mother having taken off– by itelf, a bit of a jerky move but forgivable if it was meant to prevent drama, but it would have been nice if I had been told beforehand. So I suggested ending the night with an IHOP run– it’s close and yay chocolate chip pancakes and mozzarella sticks :D

Caveat: Robert’s car is awesome, but DEFINITELY NOT friendly to the big and tall. (Bren’s car and the Yoshi Car– especially the Yoshi Car– those two are way easier to board/disembark from if you’re big) It’s seriously a low-riding car and I cramp up so easily, so getting in and out is a nightmare– I keep bonking my head on the door and my glasses fall off, as does my hat. This is partially my fault, I really do need to get on walking about more, even if I’m stuck in this cluttered, barricaded house. Probably I should have asked for a walking stick and Dr. Scholls inserts for my moccassins. Ah…

So, that was Yoshi Day, and every time I’ve tried to write about it I’ve dozed off. Oh crap, I should probably go plug Dinah back in, that’s how tired I was.

Despite what mother did, part of me feels I should offer to “reboot” some aspect of Yoshi Day for her sake. I came home too full to eat any cake, so there’s one thing… I wonder if, even if we don’t actually go out, I could just lure her away from bulldogs for a little bit? I’m such a weirdo. After everything I put up with coming from her, part of me still wants something resembling a mother…

Another post about pizza: the Domino’s conundrum

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

So some time back, I gave Domino’s another chance after a hella-long hiatus and decided that they hadn’t changed all that much from how I remember to justify that they had indeed overhauled themselves to become as awesome as their ad campaign claimed.

And it would have ended there, but then I happened upon their chicken parmesan sandwiches, and holy freaking crap those are redonkulously tasty, so much that I would forgive their otherwise “meh” pizza. I could just… only order the sandwiches but I still need a pizza fix too, so I’m trying to fine-tune their pizza into something I could actually look forward to eating. (As it stands, Costco and Papa Johns are the only ones that send me into a “DO WANT, GIVE, NOW” nom-fury at the mere thought. Especially Costco. I would give them all my pizza money forever if they had online ordering.)

Pretty much, my chief issue is with the sauce, and even there it largely depends on what crust type is used with it. (as far as toppings go, assume sausage and pepperoni, normal cheese) Hand-tossed with normal sauce is barely tolerable, so this time I tried Brooklyn w/ light sauce… which behaves like there’s no sauce at all (which is not bad but, you know, it’s okay to have SOME sauce!). Maybe next time… Brooklyn w/ normal sauce. Or I could go in a completely different direction and go Deep Dish, like I did for much of my childhood. :P

In a perfect world, I could loot the actual pizza from Costco (or Papa Johns if I had to have sausage + garlic dip), sides from Pizza Hut and chicken parmesan sandwiches from Domino’s every time I wanted this kind of feast. Doable, yes… practical in execution? Not really!

In other news: Holy crap, February’s almost over already? That means March… which means COUNTDOWN TO YOSHI DAY EPISODE 27. If we follow the rules of anime, this would mean this is the first episode of the second season. Hm…

Because April Fools can ROT.

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

~Yoshi Day Episode 26~
Funny Chocolate Hats
Quiet Thursday is quiet.
Ridiculous amounts of chocolate AND pizza (not just regular pizza, but also this freak hybrid of pizza and lasagna that is strangely nomtastic) and ThinkGeek loot! (Fail Whale, Achievement Unlocked: RROD and pi*z*z*a shirts + OMGHORNS)

Freak coincidence: my cake also involves horns. It’s Ice Age-themed. FTW!

Thanks to everyone who sent Yoshi Day well wishes and such. ;P
My brother made it a point to plaster a notice of Yoshi Day on the guild MOTD in teh WoWz. Much lulz ensued.

Finally, as promised… photographic evidence of me wearing the aforementioned funny hat (the horns) as well as the Fail Whale shirt for the amusement of the internets:

The horns don’t exactly hug the cap portion, but I’m pretty sure I can fix that with a couple of stitches on each side.
Nonetheless, it’s getting quite a few laughs. Kestine, on the other hand, thinks the horn tips are toy mice and keeps batting at them. XD