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Slackers Abound

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

Who’s got two thumbs, a big mug of milk, and goes months without posting here?

Me. This derp. Yep.

Anyway, today is, I suppose, the… 15th anniversary of Ayarane Project? Technically I bought the domain in late April 2001 but the hosting didn’t get finalized until May 5. No reason to dump it now! (I have, also, considered picking up a bunch of “ayarane”-flavored domains but… too lazy to set up redirects and such.)

15 years of Yoshi and derping and fun! Let’s add 15 more onto the pile!

Playing a lot of FFXIV (and WoW too, less so because “end of expansion content drought” but really the only thing I’m burned out on is spamming LFR for legendary ring progress, which is why I’m so lazy about finishing the ring on my non-Yoshi/Phil alts). Met me a new leveling buddy in there, a cute Lalafell Black Mage/Ninja by the name of Bonnie and it’s been pretty nice. :D Also kinda got recruited into her Free Company (guild) even though I had been dodging those for months, and it’s not terrible! I’ve become their Chocobo Lady– while I’m logged in, I feed all the stabled Chocobos on cooldown– and it’s not gone unnoticed, as their boss-lady promoted me because of it.

I mean, I’m not particularly gunning for officer-rank here, but it does get me full access to guild storage, so that’s kinda nice. :P

In real space, uh, nothing really to blab about beyond the tired “parental management is taken all of my money to clean up their shit, and feeding me lies about how I’ll see maybe a fraction of it again” because, yeah, nobody reeeeeally wants to hear that again. When you don’t want to play video games and you want to go out a bit, go to Team Building Activities in Dallas.

The one about anxiety, chairs and poking around

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

SO. That video? Kinda stalled right now. Basically, a lot of drama and unpredictable noise have made it SUPER-difficult to find a good solid block of time to record the commentary on the Kiros painting time lapse. (Let me remind you that my “room” is not a true room with doors and walls, it is literally a section of the den with a half-wall, and thus I have no real privacy or means of isolating myself from outside noises when people are downstairs.)


In other news, I have a usable chair again. It’s my old office chair from upstairs, and sinks rather easily because I’m a fatty mcfatbutt (plus it’s a cheap chair), but it’s still way better than a damn shower bench. I still have to stand up a lot for circulation reasons, but I’m okay with that. I recently found out about recliner exercises, this has helped me with I have to sit in my chair for a long time.

Alsoooo… I maaaay be poking around in FFXIV:ARR a bit. Let me assure you that this in no way indicates that I’m affected by the recent drama about WoW and flying and developer transparency (in fact, I’ve been trying to stay away from the forums and even dropped a couple of Twitter followers because I don’t need all that negativity in my life on top of what I already deal with, and the outrage among the playerbase is boiling over from “rabble rabble rabble” to “let’s intimidate and shame people who aren’t on the bandwagon with us” and that’s just Not Cool).

It’s more like I’ve progressed my characters enough where I’m not having to devote, like, two full days out of the week to chain-run LFR on my alts (in addition to daily crafting CDs/Garrison maintenance) where I can actually do other things and play other games like csgo, that you can learn to rank at sites like I’m down to two characters that need to run LFR every week, and one of them is two weeks off from being done with that (until 6.2 drops, anyway), as opposed to having to juggle 5+ alts needing to go every week. All that time freed up! (My poor 3DS has been gathering dust since Warlords launched.)

FFXIV has been something I’ve been curious about for quite awhile, but a lot of things have kept me from really acting on it (being tied up in WoW progression, for one, but also just being so exhausted from family drama and the anxiety spikes they cause, it really does take me out for much of the day because that adrenaline and energy spent staving off panic spikes has to come from SOMEWHERE). Some people in my Horde guild play, and they were talking about it during tonight’s raid, which is enough of a nudge to just download the damn client already.

And, like, I pull in enough gold through my Alliance garrisons where I could reliably just pay for my WoW account in tokens, freeing up actual monies to use for my (theoretical-but-probably-happening) FFXIV sub fees.

Having researched the game, it looks like I could actually bring Hikaru back out again (and as a proper tank, no less!) because as you remember, I couldn’t adapt her for WoW– the lore doesn’t exactly allow for Black Dragons that aren’t evil, so Hikaru got benched and Hynderia was made to take her place for the melee/plate-wearing DPS role in my giant pile of characters. And Hynderia’s character has since developed in such a way that there’s really no comparison between the two anymore. (To name one major difference aside from race, Hynderia is very much a lesbian. It was a random idea I had some time ago, and it worked so well. I think it was kind of an “extrapolation” from an accident that happened when writing Ragnarok TWILIGHT episode 2, in which the interaction between Hikaru and Yoshi could be very easily read as the two being romantically interested.)

So, that’s what’s going on. That’s all I can say for now. :P

Stuff comes in threes

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Seeing as my brother is somehow going to make Diablo 3 cooperate with his old-as-fart machines (else I let him borrow Yggdrasil), looks like I get to play, too. Why not, eh? And simultaneous Mac version release, hot.

Blastoise and Dinah are standing by with their installers… Only a half hour until I find out what the fuss is about. I’ve heard the Diablo series described as “Blizzard does PSO,” to which I would say “WELLTHEN” and… yeah. :P

Effect of Mass (retake) + Yoshi Day 2012

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

One system rebuild and one emergency video card swap later, I’ve cleared the first Mass Effect. (Let’s hope Blastoise doesn’t make a habit of killing his video card every time I play a new game. :P)

I got roped in because of Boss Kar (from WoW) and I believe Jessie further prodded me into playing. That was back in, uh, September. For some reason, I didn’t get very far and I got distracted by something else, and by the time I was about to resume, Blastoise got torpedo’d by some new virus and I had to rebuild him, losing my saved games in the process. And you know what happened with the second time around, the whole “FemShep is so awesome she made my video card kill itself!”

Short game is…. amazingly short. (Especially for something that eats 10GB, ouch) You can easily burn a few more hours digging through all the star systems for surveys and away missions, but I gather the main story is about 10 hours long. Not that it’s a bad thing, mind you! I mean, it’s not like any corners were cut plot-wise, things just happen to unfurl and resolve themselves in a small timeframe. Ha ha ha.

Also, if you’re like me and shooters aren’t normally your thing because you have crap for reflexes (I could barely handle Metal Gear and Metroid Prime), Mass Effect is extremely forgiving in that department. There’s no shame in picking Casual if that’s the case. Sure, there are achievements for higher difficulty settings, but as far as I know, toggling it doesn’t mess with the story, any.

I like when, during one of the side missions, I found a Geth assault rifle! (Can’t remember the name off-hand.) It’s kinda like how in later FF’s where you find a kickass weapon (usually a “dormant” version of your final weapon) but has no upgrade slots. But it was good enough to last me the rest of the way. Also: PEW PEW PEW. No, really. Cute laser beams! :D

I used Liara and Tali for pretty much all of my missions as soon as I got them.

Now I just have to get another hard drive (probably another SSD, devoted entirely for games) so I can loot the second and third games, I can’t keep swapping out installs on my system drive, it’s way too messy that way.

I have no bloody clue what’s going on locally for Yoshi Day. Not a peep from Robert (via TXT or WoW). It could be that I’ll have to take things online– I’ve got a free pizza credit and a webcam (two if I plug the eyeball into Dinah), and I’ve been meaning to play with Google Hangout anyhow.

For those on the Twitter side, you know what would rock faces off? Get #YoshiDay trending, because April Fools sucks and should GTFO. Cakes trump pranks, dood!

Ah, here come the first of the automated “happy birthday” emails (from forums and such). :P

Quasi-Rapid Fire

Friday, November 11th, 2011

I wanted to play Final Fantasy 4 DS, so I went to dig my DS out of my messenger bag. I hadn’t plugged it in for awhile and was probably going to be low on battery power so I reached in to grab the USB charger cable (and apparently the ONLY means of charging it since some dumbass bulldog chewed up my normal charger cable, grr) only for it to snag on something and… uh… said charger cable snapped off at the base. This DS isn’t getting charged, and I can’t get my FF4DS fix. Dammit!

I could have just… ordered a replacement charger cable (or better yet, just loot a 3DS now since there are actually games I want for it– Super Mario 3D Land looks awesome despite its complete and UTTER LACK OF ME YOSHI, but thankfully there is also Mario Kart 7 dropping next month) but I was having a bad night and needed something to drag me back into my happy place. Then I remembered that there was a PSP port of FF4. Sure, it was 2D and lacking in the awesome voice acting but it would do for now, and as a FF4 nerd I was going to have to loot it eventually, so off to the PSN store to loot me some FF4.

It follows the GBA path (as in, bonus dungeons and ability to change your party for the endgame and way easier than the OMG difficulty that the DS version got ramped up to). I was expecting it to be a straight port of the GBA version graphics-wise… oh, how wrong I was. For being yet another 2D iteration of FF4 and with one exception I will address, holy chocobo crap on a stick this takes the prize for “ooh, purdy.” Dude, the Mist Dragon EFFING SPARKLES IN BATTLE. SMOOTHLY. The menu portraits are not crap! Yes!

Just… one teeny problem here, though: the field sprites for the characters look like ASS. It’s, like, yes they are super-detailed and actually make some attempt to be faithful to the original concept art, but at the same time they look like some POS sprite sets out of one of those RPG Makers. This sucks! (I get the feeling that the task of the field sprites got shoveled onto a non-artist, because there is no excuse for them to look this bad.) But, fwegh, if the rest of the game looks so damned awesome, I guess I’ll just have to put up with it.

Other, more trivial but still cool things: Yay for being able to switch between using the original SNES music (Uematsu) or the rearranged DS music (Nakano).

The only other complaint stems from my being a VA nerd. Why, Square, why? Why couldn’t you have either transplanted the voice acting from the DS version and replace the 3D cutscenes with illustrated stills by the dood you recruited to do those kickass menu portraits, and then add onto that with all the extra space you have available? (FF4 PSP only eats up 750-something MB, barely half of the theoretical limit of a PSP UMD) Yeah, I know, tweaks in the scripting and such but… boooo. The voice overs was what cemented (and still does) the DS version as my ultimate favorite, and to have transplanted that into the PSP version would have put it at a very close 2nd place. Very, VERY close 2nd. Maybe even tying for first, even though I love the FFT-like character designs for the DS version. :P

And yes, there is still some spoony bard. If you think Square would EVER ditch the Spoony Bard line…

This week in Beavis and Butthead… OMG CORNHOLIOOOOO. You would think that, with Cornholio footage being the first to be leaked, we’d have been all “ho hum, we saw the Comic Con video already but there is sooo much more to it than the teaser said. And please tell me I wasn’t the only one who double Picard-brand facepalmed at the end. WTF YOU GUYS. You just walked away from the ultimate cult! You turned down the best ticket to scoring! BOO THESE GUYS! (On the flipside, Stewart finally has something good happen to him.)

We got two new episodes this week, actually. “Drones” was okay, though I’m not sure how the dudes could pull Grand Theft Auto out of something that looks more like a flight sim. :P

Also, I don’t care too much for the “snarking on Jersey Shore” bits, but you have to admit that Butthead’s pseudo-Italian accent is pretty damned funny. It’s not quite Craig Ferguson-brand but it’s still lulzy.

I have a love-hate thing with Subway. 99% of the time, the store is invisible to my food radar because I don’t care for subs, but once in a blue moon they roll out some variant of a chicken parmesan sammich and it’s instant HOLY CRAP DO WANT. Right now they have a chicken parmesan melt as part of their $5 footlong monthly highlights, and I’m just… “do want, yesterday.”

Why can’t Subway keep chicken parmesan as a permanent menu item? I would give those doods so much of my money if they did that. :(

Hi, I’m Yoshi and I like chicken parmesan, be it in sammich form or with spaghetti.

I know November is supposed to be “Lazrigees Academy” but I’m just not feeling it. I should have done it in September when it would have been topical but buhuhuh bromides came up and yaaaarrrr and things got all messed up. Also I need to do revised Avatar designs for Blastoise and Dinah, the latter of which I never got around to doing even though she became a MacBook last year!

But I know some doods really want to see Aries and Denlan done up to resemble Bulk and Skull (if those two were to appear in an anime high school AU). So… I make no promises, but time permitting after Blastoise and Dinah’s design upgrades… >_>;

Plenty of fodder to draw upon for Snowschemes, though. Oh my word, so many things to play with there. I kinda want to sneak in an Angry Birds reference, too… :D

And with that, I shove off to play FF4 PSP. No thanks to LifeForce, I will also have bad images of Cagnazzo dropping Cornholio lines. “I need MP for my Tsunami-hole!”