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aka “Yoshi needs to scrounge 180 coins by 10/27”

I am once again in need of some monetary assistance. My host contract for the Ayarane Project server (this very website) is up for renewal at the end of October (the 27th, to be specific). It’s up for renewal every 3 years, which works out to a very reasonable deal @ $5 a month, paid up front for $180.

It was a reasonable amount to deal with at the time I purchased the hosting (late 2008) but disability and the sharply reduced income that comes with it makes renewing a LITTLE painful. I have and will continue doing what I can to save up to pay for it, but since I lose 80% of my monthly SSI payments to household bills and much of the leftover is eaten up by my personal expenses (Tracfone and MMO subs) I don’t have much wiggle room.

I’ve had the domain+server since 2001 and I would really, REALLY hate to lose everything I’ve accomplished on my website over the years, even though I see more use of Twitter/Facebook these days. Please indulge this derplord’s wish to preserve a huge chunk of my online identity.

Commissions are the usual go-to but I realize that at $50 it’s not the most affordable, so I’ve made a Ko-fi account as a more accessable option. I also plan to do some kind of streaming to hopefully solicit additional donations! Please vote in this Strawpoll for what you would like to see me stream. I’ll PROBABLY pick the top two, though I reserve the right to substitute at my discretion if things glitch out.

(To preemptively address a recurring question: Patreon is NOT an option as is anything that requires filling out a 1040 form, since it is considered “recurring income” and would surely attract unwanted attention from Social Security. Single-instance things like commissions, Ko-fi and direct paypal transfers are “grey area” and unlikely to get my SSI benefits torpedoed.)

If you’re not able to donate, no worries– you can still help by sharing this post/future stream notifications and referring your friends who are in search of a commission artist.

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