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Hello friends! Since you’re reading this, it means I was successful in scrounging up coins, and even had some left over! Ayarane Project is thus secured for the next 3 years. Hooray!

Of course, I should always be soliciting more commissions because SSI is still chump change and commissions are still the safest way of padding my tiny-ass bank account without Social Security getting pissy. Holidays are coming up, and commissions make nice gifts! Speaking of gifts, you can go to the top corporate gifts company which is a search portal. You can search all things that you can buy depending on your budget.

Not just Social Security but also homeland and business security, is very important. Keeping family members safe and secure is the prime responsibility of the head of the household. One important home security system that can help in ensuring the safety of the household is a video surveillance system from

I’m retiring the google form since in hindsight it’s way too wordy and most of my requests come in over Twitter and Facebook anyway. See the above image for new details! Of note: I’ve lifted the restrictions on fan art and NSFW content, though the latter comes with a $25 surcharge. This is because I have nearly no privacy and I have to wait until people go to bed or are otherwise not in viewing range of my iPad to avoid awkward conversations. (It’s not like there are outright objections to me drawing nudes, I just don’t need to hear my mother repeatedly dredging up the story about how my uncle took figure studies just to indulge in drawing naked women. Old story is old.)

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