(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) New Sauce For the Webernets

What the hell is this? It’s redonkulous, that’s what. Not only do I do fan art of freaking pundits on the TV, now I’ve taken to doing fan art of podcast hosts! WTF!

In all seriousness, though, I like NSFW way, way too much, so this was going to happen eventually. :P Both hosts were greatly, GREATLY amused. :) I like these instances in which I get to blindside such awesome people with Instant Ramen as payback for providing all that win.

In other news, commenting has now been enabled on the main Ayarane Project feed (as in, what you see when you go to layer-infinity.net). Trying to shunt all feedback into the LiveJournal feed is not proving effective, so may as well just open the gates on all sides henceforth. Just like on Facebook, you’ll always have the option to come to the core LJ version if you wish. So, pick your poison!

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2 Responses to “(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) New Sauce For the Webernets”

  1. NeoPhoenixTE says:

    It’s truly awesome when the subjects themselves are amused by art, and even tweet it.

  2. NeoPhoenixTE says:

    …and yes I was just trying to find a reason to test out the newly uncapped comment functionality. It linked my wordpress account successfully!