Nine Times Five Over Five

9 Years of Ayarane Project Nine years ago, Ayarane Project went live (though it was not always known as Ayarane Project!). True, I actually bought the domain in late April, but it took a little over a week for everything to get connected and set up. ANYWAY, AP once more hijacks Cinco de Mayo and shall continue to do so for all time. (Seriously. I should just… prepay for it as long as possible, and include its maintenance in my will.)

Tangentially-related, a three-way project of awesome I talked about in October/November (and kinda fell to the wayside due to weird circumstances) is in the works and I hope to go live with it at the end of the month. It’s taken a bit of a departure from my original vision but should be epic win. :D And yes, it will still involve the Governator transformed into a Prinny. (Dood.)

You know what 5/5 is also notable for? This guy. (note to self: post a Jade thread on the Ramen Kitchen) :D :D :D

Tele-vicious, Continued: Amazon is going to be getting quite a bit of coin from me soon-ish, blah. In addition to having to replace my TV (so, you know, I could finish Final Fantasy XIII and, oh, get Super Mario Galaxy 2 when it hits later this month), I may have to move up the replacement of my primary monitor. It’s not noticeable with darker colors, but I’m getting some noticeable ghosting in lighter spaces. This is VERY obvious in Painter, in a bad way. BOO THIS MONITOR, BOOOOOO.

But, there is somewhat of an upside. I’ve seen some two-in-one monitors floating around. HMMM. If those run off just a single display connection, I could actually go triple-display on Blastoise (2-in-one + secondary Samsung) and THAT would be awesome. :O Odds are it will probably require two monitor connections which would be a “NO” situation for me since I’m already using up both slots, but… huh. I’ll need to look into this.

Waiting until all this stuff goes on sale before I do anything, of course. Mmm, discounts… *Homer drool*

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