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Was there something you were afraid of as a child that just seems silly to you now?

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Promise right now you won’t laugh at me. >_>;
I saw this topic pop up on TweetDeck and against my better judgment I’m going for it. And, well… they say music can evoke memories…

We travel back in time to when I was about 5 years old. And back then, not only did VH1 and MTV actually air these things called “music videos” but they were actually kind of awesome. For some reason, I remember being glued to these channels marginally more than cartoons and such even though, like, 90% of the lyrics made no sense to me at the time. I think it was all about the visuals.

And then, uh, I saw this:

In my 5 year old mind, this video scared the SMOO out of me; I was all “oh shit, George Michael is going to freaking jump out of the TV and EAT ME” (not in those exact words but you get the idea) because he looked all pissed off. Again, at the time the lyrics were nonsense to me but, dood, take it from the perspective of a 5 year old kid and you’d be spooked out of your mind, too!

And apparently it was so bad that I had actually blocked it out of my mind for, like, 19 years until one day when I was in the car and the song came on mother’s XM radio. GEE THANKS, memory repression… thing. I have all this stuff I’d like to either forget or block out for all eternity and instead of anything out of there, you go and suppress a memory of a freaking George Michael video.

W. T. F. XD

There’s a couple other stupidly-spooky relics that still linger in spookiness. Like… the Lavos screech in Chrono Trigger. No, wait, worse than that, that synthesized “breathing” sound you hear while inside his shell* and gets louder the closer you get to the core. Holy crap that’s just… no. DO NOT WANT. Thankfully EVERY version of Chrono Trigger has the “sound glitch;” loading the menu kills the breathing sound.

* I’ve always wondered where EXACTLY you’re wandering through. Graphics-wise, it resembles a watery cave. In most instances, you’re entering from that hole where Lavos’ head used to be… but my brother claims you’re actually climbing up Lavos’ butt. That’s not ENTIRELY unreasonable…

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