The movie that will give you the munchies

Fellow foodies beware (or rejoice!): Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs hits theaters today. I remember reading the book as a kid, though judging by the trailers it seems the movie is more of a half-prequel. Seeing as the original book was much more concept than an actual story, I don’t see the harm in such a re-imagining. :P Also the disaster movie nerd in me is very much intrigued by the mentions of parodies of disaster flicks. :D Squee!

I’m actually surprised that Sony’s marketing department didn’t attempt some crazy promotional campaign with restaurant chains. I mean… come on, you KNOW with a movie like this, people are going to pile into restaurants afterwards. One can almost see dollar signs floating over the likes of Old Spaghetti Factory and IHOP. XD (However, Sony DOES have an ad for the Feeding America’s Hunger Helper campaign on the movie’s website.)

If rampant food imagery and disaster movie homages aren’t your thing, maybe this is: Mr. T has a bit part in it. Just saying.

I should see if I can wrench mother away from the evil bulldogs for movie+IHOP raid… either tonight or tomorrow. (This might be a BIT difficult since stupid weather has decided to get its lulz on and crank the temperature up to… WTF?! 102F?!)
Failing that, well, at the very least some Papa Johns minion will be throwing a pizza pie in my face.

(LJ Edition: Flonne’s OMG icon accurately reflects the mood of my inner disaster movie fangirl.)

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