My Nikes got here a day early. Woot! Mother was all “wtf, you bought shoes online? Don’t you have to try them on?” Not really, if I’m basically ordering a bigger size (and slightly updated design) version of my old pair. I’m not really picky about my sneakers, see… just that they have to be black (to minimize appearance of dirt and general wear and tear) and they must be wide. Which… usually means I must buy Men’s shoes, because for some reason if I venture into the Women’s department, they come in all these bright and weird colors and just look waaaaay too… un-Yoshi-like. I dunno. I’m totally not a shoe wonk.

Why can’t they just rename Men’s to Unisex? It works for T-shirts, for the most part! :P

So, I stupidly put on these Air Monarchs without loosening the laces (shows you how much of a newbie I am for buying my own shoes, up until now mother had handled all the minutiae of shoe-buying) and… WTF? They felt smaller than my previous pair! Then I noticed the laces were a bit long… yep. Logic wheels start cranking. A few minutes and some lace-loosening later and they go on without a hitch. I just need shoe inserts, and could probably have added them to my order, but those would have been overpriced so I’ll just poke mother about picking up inserts when she goes to Costco tomorrow.

I like this method (buying shoes on the internets) much better. Shoe-buying in store is boring! There isn’t that much of a price difference anyway (even with shipping), so from hereon, shoes come from the internets.

In other news, I should probably do Touji’s Gourmet Ramen piece before I continue Pundit Games. Yeah. Aries getting pwned at poker by the tricksters of Episode 0 = the thought alone is epic lulz.

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