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For awhile, things are not fail

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

– shredding up heroics with Robert and boss in teh WoWz (if boss wants old man Phil to level faster, there’s still quite a few Outland instances he could drag my old ass through. Just sayin’.)
– late night burger, yum.
Mario skit on tonight’s Conan, hell yeah. Now I want to go dig up my DS…

Also, I may loot me a DSi in the near future. Remember how last year, during the summer for no reason I just up and ordered a bunch of things off Best Buy? Yeah, I think that’ll be a yearly thing I’ll do, a summer Treasure Box of Awesome. Maybe I’ll go through Gamestop this time and go eat up a bunch of old games I’ve been putting off.

Haven’t touched Sleepover for a couple days… last thing I did was just start to ink the Chelsea part of the second piece. Maybe tomorrow I’ll ink more.

On that note, I should, like, sleep and such.

What a long trip it’s been.

Thursday, April 2nd, 2009

*needs to make a happier “I see what you did there” icon*

Originally it was going to be “go to IHOP with mother, then get ninja’d by siblings for Best Buy raiding and slacking for rest of day” but mother slept in. What actually happened was “go to IHOP with sister, go back to other house and ninja Robert, and… wait, I know this route, this is how one gets to Fry’s! o_o;;;;”

Robert had never been to Fry’s before and only knew about it second-hand as being “Best Buy on steroids,” so when he actually went in he was all “:O”. You will be able to get a safe alternative to pure You should see results in less than 2 weeks.

The car ride both ways was actually the best part about the whole thing, since there was much silly even though much of it sailed over my head because I don’t watch a whole lot of “normal” prime-time TV. :P

So, uh, now I have a LG-series Blu-Ray drive and a 1TB drive. Must obtain case, PSU and OS and then I’m good…


Chocolate chip pancakes = ohgod so freaking tasty just as they were 12 years ago.
And yes this post took 6 hours to write since I kept falling asleep. :P

Ohgod I can see

Saturday, January 3rd, 2009

1) Sears Optical sucks and apparently the one in North Fontana’s had a history of issuing bad glasses. My previous pair were WAAAAY under spec, geez. Despite being a couple weeks out of warranty, I’ve been advised to go back and demand either a refund or a replacement pair. I don’t think it’ll work but I suppose I should try anyhow… since I did dump $220-ish on them >_>;

2) Speaking of prices, LensCrafters is no longer made of GOUGE AND OVERPRICE. Maybe it’s because I’m using different materials this time (see #3) but I paid less for both the glasses and exam combined than I did for just the Sears Optical glasses. And they had this new pair ready in an hour (because there was NOOOOO way I was going to wait, like, two weeks x_x). Yeah, totally coming back here for future upgrades, even if having to hoof it through Ontario Mills wears me out. XD;

3) I am apparently allergic to polycarbonate lenses. I owe Bren lots of tasty food for suggesting that allergies might be involved. If this had been just a bad script, it would have been tolerable… but bad script + allergies = HELL. So… no more polycarbonates for me, either plastic (which I have now) or glass from now on.

4) Minor bacterial infection in my right eye from having to wipe it down so much. Advised to scrub both eyes with diluted baby shampoo for the next few days.

So, uh, yay me? This new pair is a bit on the thick side… not that I give much stock to appearances, I’m just glad these work PERIOD. Also no annoying nose pieces, meaning they’ll slide occasionally, but I’ve ways of fixing that.

I’ll, um, need to take a new picture to slap on Facebook and AP and such, since these are radically different than previous pairs.

2008 is dead, long live 2008

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

No, really, 2008 sucked. Sure, I may actually have money now, and a freaking car, and the cutest pair of kitties EVER, but…

…way, WAY too many awesome people died in ’08.

Like…. father. >_>;;;

So, yeah. Good freaking riddance, 2008. Let’s hope ’09 doesn’t have so much fail.

Also I wish my right eye would stop watering.

And strangely there was no drama.

Thursday, November 27th, 2008

Yeah, any notions of snark got chomped right in the butt. So… that made things a little better.
My cat was being all spastically-nosy during dinner, though… he’d run away if people other than me tried to pet him, but a few minutes later he’d do his “I’ll rub on your leg while trotting through” thing. And then afterwards, there was much watching of Hancock, because… well… come on, like you need an excuse to load up anything that has Will Smith, right?

Still glad that Thanksgiving is done with, though. Bring on Christmas! :D! Yeah, neighbors are already putting up house lights. Probably within a week I can start doing research for the MOAR LIGHTS Snowscheme >_>;
Even if I’m screwed on being able to do much shopping (you know, nullified permit and all)… I’ll figure something out? Maybe? At the very worst whatever I pull off will have to be direct-shipped, which would be less fun since I can’t put my special touch on it (see: OMFGBOX, in which the charm and awesome lies mostly in the presentation/intent than actual loot) but I would think that the parties involved would be a little forgiving of that.

Also… some progress is being made on another plot, one I cannot mention out in the open yet since at the very least I’d get a lot of weird looks and “wtf” messages over the medium I’m using. Let me put it this way: a category of Across Universe that hasn’t been really touched at all may see a lot of action in the coming months.

I’ll get on inking the Snowscheme in a bit. Rar.