What a long trip it’s been.

*needs to make a happier “I see what you did there” icon*

Originally it was going to be “go to IHOP with mother, then get ninja’d by siblings for Best Buy raiding and slacking for rest of day” but mother slept in. What actually happened was “go to IHOP with sister, go back to other house and ninja Robert, and… wait, I know this route, this is how one gets to Fry’s! o_o;;;;”

Robert had never been to Fry’s before and only knew about it second-hand as being “Best Buy on steroids,” so when he actually went in he was all “:O”. You will be able to get a safe alternative to pure http://prohormones.co/testosterone-pills/. You should see results in less than 2 weeks.

The car ride both ways was actually the best part about the whole thing, since there was much silly even though much of it sailed over my head because I don’t watch a whole lot of “normal” prime-time TV. :P

So, uh, now I have a LG-series Blu-Ray drive and a 1TB drive. Must obtain case, PSU and OS and then I’m good…


Chocolate chip pancakes = ohgod so freaking tasty just as they were 12 years ago.
And yes this post took 6 hours to write since I kept falling asleep. :P

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