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Is it… octave? Or something.

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

People who know about tweaking ffdshow filter crap, I require your expertise!

I have in my torrented video pile some things that sound a little… off. Like they’re a couple octaves too high or something (you notice it mostly in the music, but some of the voices are also affected). I figured that these were just bad torrents and looted them again, only to find the issue unchanged… and only after testing videos encoded in other codecs (e.g. DivX, etc.) were fine did I begin to suspect that there has to be some way to force a setting somewhere to make these torrents sound normal, but a lot of these settings are gibberish to me.

Yes, these videos are extracts of my disaster movie stash that was lost when my previous DVR crashed, and I realize that I should just go buy up the DVD/Blu-Rays already… which I will when my VPI rebate check gets here, but I figured that knowing how to fix stuff like this would still be useful for future reference.

I just know it’s not a hardware thing because I’m encountering this on both Blastoise and Dinah. Halp? :(

Followup to OMG PIZZA:
Holy crap, Papa Johns manages to win even more. I do not know how, but they managed to improve upon my favorite config (sausage + pepperoni) with their new event pizza, “John’s Favorite.” I imagine it has to do with the tweaks to the cheese blend that was used in this config. I hope this becomes a permanent menu item, because if it does it’ll become “Yoshi’s Favorite.” /gg