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30-day Video Game Meme – Cheater’s gonna cheat

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Totally stolen from [info]konami because I can and because I need a distraction from this sudden lower jaw pain that’s been kicking my ass all day and Advil isn’t doing squat to shut it up.

Spoilers on deck? Oh yeah.


Fire up ye Virtual Consoles, FFMQ is here~

Monday, October 18th, 2010

Kotaku says boo, I on the other hand say YAAAAAY. Even if, visually, it’s “FF4 Lite” (no, really, its tilesets reek of FF4) this was the little FF that could. For one thing, this was the RPG that put healbombing on the map, if it didn’t invent it outright! Also, remember all those Instant Ramen posts that have Hikaru in her final equipment? Where the hell do you think I got her Aegis Shield from? >:D

Also, holy freaking crap, you can hate on this little game as much as you like for being redonkulously easy, but the OST is just THAT AWESOME. >:] The only way it could possibly win anymore is if, oh, Sakuraba and Hamauzu were to handle a remix album? That’d be the epitome of “rocking the fwegh out.”

I promise that was not an ironic cough. Hairball.

In other news, WTF APPLE. I thought mother was feeding BS because you know all the tech news outlets would be crapping their pants at the mention of any of Apple’s stuff going to Verizon, yet this slips under the radar.

And yet… I’ma have to give this a “meh.” I considered it as a candidate for Dinah’s next form, and also as a tertiary Instant Ramen device, but in the end I’d rather have a Verizon iPhone. :P I’ve still got my LG enV from… what, ’07? I’ve not bothered to get a new phone simply because there wasn’t anything out there that interested me enough. There are a couple of worthy Android candidates but having had an iPod 2G and more recently the iPod Touch (also 2g), it seems a natural progression to hold out for a Verizon iPhone. C’mon Apple. You gave Verizon the iPad… >_>; time to tell AT&T to GTFO already!

…also, I’ve a bunch of apps and I don’t want to have to buy up Android versions of ’em. :P

Finally, and while it’s taking its sweet-ass-time, I’m actually cleaning up my actual bedroom in preparation to move the bed back to the center so it’s aligned with the TV. Currently, it’s up against the window, so I have to turn my head if I want to see the screen (this is slightly exacerbated by Yggdrasil’s case blocking off about 1/5 of the screen) and… after awhile, it’s not so fun. The only other option would be to get a new chair, and given my history with recliner chairs… um, yeah, I’d rather just suck it up and move my bed. I just need to declutter the wall opposite of my TV/Yggdrasil before I can actually move stuff around. In short, I’m pretty much reverting my room to the way it was when we moved here nearly 11 years ago.

I may order a couple of those plastic shelves too. I could stand to have actual furniture in my room. Fancy that. Need to find out what models we’re packing now, I may just get on Amazon and order more of those.

This is Epic, so you have to roll for it.

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

…Dude. I think I want this game.
I hope it sells a freaking mint, too. Why? Because if it does, and if this is any indication… ohh yeah. See where I’m going? >:D

Live from Azeroth: It cannot be said enough that I love playing old man Phil. OLD MAN CAN HEAL or something. To think that about a month ago I was spooked about raid healing because I thought I would screw up and such. Hah! Now, it’s like… the more I play him, the easier it gets. It’s part-gear upgrades, part-experience and part-“no, really, you’re not going to botch it because there’s heal redundancy.”

(…though, the other day I DID solo-heal Patchwerk. I didn’t know until AFTER the boss went down that the other healer got left behind in Ironforge. *blink*)

So I’d piled up enough frost emblems from a late-night ICC 10-man to get the first piece of his tier 10 healer set and… uh…
Where’s the “Crimson” in the “Crimson Acolyte Shoulderpads?” (Click on that armory link up there to follow along.) Those shoulders (and the rest of the armor set for that matter) are most definitely not anything resembling red, they’re all fel (demon) green and in-game they have a bit of a yellow glow effect which makes ’em look like puke-green.

The Heroic Sanctified version? BLUE. WHAT.

Really? Really? Crimson is not puke-green or blue (though the Heroic Sanctified version would look badass on Phil), it is RED. Oddly enough, the normal Sanctified set is indeed red-ish. One out of three ftw, I guess? Still, costume designer dood, did you flunk out of color theory or something? Sheesh.

POKE HER FACE. Lady Gaga gets boo points on the whole (mostly because of the videos– the music itself is tolerable but the videos are so disconnected from the lyrics that the end results break my head), but this is the one exception, and only because Cartman does it SO MUCH BETTER. >:D

I need to remember to watch South Park more consistently. Yes, I can always stream it from the website (and it’s better that way since they aren’t bleeped) but… you get the idea. >_>;

Harmonious Squee train on the Moon

Friday, January 15th, 2010


Beep beep beep, This is a squee alert.
Moreso for me, because I was right regarding my original guess on Alex’s VA (I later changed my prediction to Johnny Bosch since he seemed better suited to “boy next door” heroes, but a Yuri is fine too, I don’t give a flying smoo if he’s everywhere like 4chan). So now Yuri goes and VAs two of my favorite old-school RPG main characters ever in remakes– the other being Cecil. AWESOME~!

That is DEFINITELY Michelle Ruff as Jessica, I saw that coming a mile away. Etna-voice, hallo~
Also, most importantly: is that Liam O’Brien I hear as Ghaleon? O_O I figured XSEED would either tap him or Quinton Flynn. (I can imagine all the John Truitt fanboys on Gamefaqs are throwing a shitfit now, though. Yeah, I woulda liked him back too, but I wasn’t counting on XSEED being able to get any of the original WD VAs.)

I gotta listen to the others a bit more or wait until they post the trailer (and OH SNAP, OUTTAKES?! WANT. NOW.) so I can better ID the others.

I would say “this gets preordered YESTERDAY, with overnight shipping” except I already did.

Dammit, LifeForce, o partner in Lowen-fandom… I’m too squee’d up to sleep now not to mention I’m nomming on late-night Jack in the Box, when you get home it is SO on.

LJ Edition: Fiery-eyed Flonne is TOTALLY relevant to my interests.

Both my PSP AND my bank account are giving me kitty eyes!

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Damn you, PlayStation Network! I’m trying not to spend money (beyond the normal expenses and my weekly pizza) and you had to go and add a slew of stuff to the store. ;_; I could easily go loot Disgaea 2 and that Prinny action game but at the same time I’d also like to be able to have monies on hand for spoiling my loyal Across minions at Christmas!

…well, to my credit, if I actually did go and buy up stuff on the PSN store, I’d also have to get a bigger memory stick. 2GB is not big enough! DealExtreme carries the 16GB sticks for half of what Sony and others want, though… >_>;

Also I still need to deposit that last VPI claim check. Supposedly another one is on its way, though.
Speaking of things that result in monies, Touji’s Gourmet Ramen is partially inked. I blame cat distraction and the like for the slowdown. I really need to get faster at finishing these things, not just for being timely but also so I can offer up more Gourmet slots. Eeeee…

In other news: I have cookies! :D Soft, chewy cookies!