30-day Video Game Meme – Cheater’s gonna cheat

Totally stolen from [info]konami because I can and because I need a distraction from this sudden lower jaw pain that’s been kicking my ass all day and Advil isn’t doing squat to shut it up.

Spoilers on deck? Oh yeah.

Favoring pictars over youtubes for sanity reasons :P
01. Very First Video Game:

Actually, I can’t remember if it was this or first Zelda, considering we had them at the same time. Seeing as this actually came with the NES, I’m going to err in favor of SMB1, it’s funny to see how now a days with sites like P4RGaming gamers can help getting to the next levels in a faster way.

02. Your favorite character:

And before anyone says it’s because of their (most recent) VA, *bzzt* because they’ve been at the top ever since the days of the SNES/Sega CD, looooong before Mr. Lowenthal got his hands on them. >:P (but his handiwork helps!)
Badass heroes who do it for lulz the sake of doing good are for winners. They don’t have a lot of baggage– well, Cecil does but he gets over it pretty quickly compared to others, and he’s not obnoxious about it– and they just plain kick ass.

Balmung gets honorable mention because of his redonkulous resemblance to Cecil. (I still think some of the .hack character designs were a nod to FF4. :3)

03. A game that is underrated:

Dark Wizard. Pretty much the prototype to Final Fantasy Tactics and its ilk (well, maybe more Fire Emblem, except without the permanent death). I cannot begin to count how many weekends I burned playing this. o_o
This needs to be on the Virtual Console, dammit. Or better yet, DS/PSP overhaul! As a side note I would also mention the new free robux, which is available now!

04. Your guilty pleasure game:

We went over this yesterday. Haters to the left.
I’ma throw in WoW as a 2nd place because it’s apparently cool to hate on that, too.

05. Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were):

I tend to flipflop between Flonne and Etna way too much than I should.

06. Most annoying character:

There are not enough words. Anyone who hates on Cloud and Squall for their emo-kid antics needs to go back and play FF6– Terra was the original emo-kid. (Cecil doesn’t count because he didn’t drag his emo-ness out in such a way that had us all shouting GET OVER IT OR GTFO.) As soon as the “hurr durr amnesia” nonsense was dealt with, she started whining about not knowing love, and even though there was some backstory between her and Leo, it was pretty obscure and otherwise came off as coming out of left field. Shut up about your love life and make with the Firaga, woman! Or better yet, step aside and let someone awesome (like Mog) be the star. >:D
And then there’s Lucia. Now she really IS out of left field, even after all the back story was laid out. We still don’t know WTF she is, aside from being someone chosen by Althena to keep watch over some dead planet (which, for some reason, entails stripping naked and sleeping inside a crystal). Not only was she whiny about the emotions part, but whenever she was on the scene, Hiro loses all his badass qualities and turns into a horny dog. Worst part? When she ding-dong-ditches Hiro to go back to sleep. Really? REALLY? Is it that bad that you couldn’t have stuck around until Hiro grew old and died of old age? (which, in context to the Blue Star, is pretty much the blink of an eye) On top of that, she got the ever-loving smoo nerfed out of her in the PSX version, making her BEYOND useless for 90% of the game. BOO THIS WOMAN.

Atoli gets an honorable mention here for being the Tinkerbell of the .hack//GU generation. She’s overly chipper and reactionary and it really bothered me to no end. Screw you, if I want a healer I’d rather use someone else, even if they aren’t a Harvest Cleric! (Like Kuhn. Badass to the very end. :D)
Her very existence made G.U.’s ending a total downer for me. Bleh.

07. Favorite game couple:
Cecil and Rosa (FF4 again) I… can’t really find an image for the scenes I want to talk about, so boo.
They’re already established, so there’s no reason to spend much time dwelling about it. The best part is right before the final assault on the Lunar Subterrane. Silly Cecil, you do not tell your best healer to GTFO and expect her to listen– are you crazy? Especially with the way those monsters got cranked up for the DS version. I don’t care how much your Pally heals got buffed this time, your ass would be in a sling without Rosa. >:D
And, yes, Cecil saving Rosa from the BLADE OF DOOM in Tower of Zot is always a classic “aww” moment. :)

08. Best soundtrack:

FFMQ (case in point: boss theme)

FF13 (specifically: “Eidolons”)

Tales of the Abyss (“Awkward Justice” FTW)

Tales of Legendia (“Seeking Victory,” linked the Tales of VS version because it is that much more awesome)

09. Saddest game scene:

Disgaea 1, Episode 8-4. Big Sis Prinny’s true identity and departure = :(

10. Best gameplay:
Tales of the Abyss. It has my favorite iteration of the Linear Motion Battle System thus far. It is just that awesome. :D

11. Gaming system of choice:
PS2. The controller is a natural fit, and, oh, it has a mess of RPGs. (Actually, if I want to split hairs, I’d say my 60GB PS3 w/ hardware emulation is my pick, but you get the idea.)

12. A game everyone should play:

Ar Tonelico (specifically, the first one)
It’s cute without being going too over-the-top (or veering dangerously into lolicon territory, as is the case with the third game), its plot is easily digestable. The best part? COSMOSPHERES. Takes the whole concept of taking on one’s inner demons and puts a hilarious spin on it. :D :D :D
Yes, the hero is even MORE of a blockhead than Gourry and Tidus combined (and that’s saying a lot) but that’s a minor tradeoff.

13. A game you’ve played more than five times:
TIE TIME BUT NOT: FF4, Metroid Fusion and Chrono Trigger, all iterations combined in the case of the first and last.

14. Current (or most recent) gaming wallpaper:
Uh… er…
That’s a good question. I’d have to go digging through Dinah’s pile right now and I don’t feel like waking her yet. I think it was something from Metroid Fusion.
(I draw pretty much all my wallpapers.)

15. Post a screenshot from the game you’re playing right now.
I don’t have my HD capture setup yet, so have a WoW screen instead.

Lesalia on her White Chocobo Swift White Hawkstrider FTW :D :D :D

16. Game with the best cut scenes:
MGS1, leaning in favor of the PSX/PC version. Haters to the left.

17. Favorite antagonist:

Ghaleon (specifically, the SegaCD Lunar 1 version)
This was my favorite iteration of the “Hi Quark, I’m going to take over the world but I need you to die first” scene. It’s so delightfully *evil!*
Also, part of me likes his demon form from the original as opposed to his more recent (but still badass) heavily armored form.

18. Favorite protagonist:
See 02.

19. Picture of a game setting you wish you lived in.

Sol Ciel (Ar Tonelico 1)
So what if it’s hovering over a sea of death? This looks awesome! Also, the airfare is probably dirt cheap. :D

20. Favorite genre:
RPGs, hands-down. There’s just no comparing it to others.

21. Game with the best story.
I’m going out on a limb here and throw in Disgaea 1 with its whole “bad is good! good is bad!” thing. (Disgaea 3 tried to do it again but overcomplicated things a wee bit to my liking) I have yet to see another game that makes playing in Hell look appealing without laying it on thick with the fire and brimstone and hardcore evilness.

22. A game sequel which disappointed you.
Metroid Prime: Hunters.
I dunno… It was just kinda “meh.”
Pity, I’d always liked the portable Metroids (even though up until then they’d been all 2D). Boo.

23. Game you think had the best graphics or art style:

Panzer Dragoon Orta. The only Xbox game I will ever own.
(I would get a 360 for Tales of Vesperia, but… my brother having gone through 3 via the red ring of death reeks of “DO NOT WANT.”)

24. Favorite classic game:
The very first Zelda. It’s fun to go back and sequence-break the hell out of it now. >:D

25. A game you plan on playing:
Blah, way too many to count. I’ve so many unfinished ones as is!

26. Best voice acting:
MGS (as a whole) and Tales of the Abyss. I can’t pinpoint specific characters in each, everyone was awesome.
On that note, Namco Bandai is STILL ON NOTICE re: ToA the anime. >:( Don’t you dare pull another .hack//ROOTS and send ToA to Canada! That was a trainwreck…
Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology gets honorable mention, specifically for its casting of the Tales of Destiny characters. At the same time, it pisses me off so much– everyone sounds AWESOME, and yet Namco Bandai never bothered bringing over the PS2 remake of Tales of Destiny. Booooooo!

27. Most epic scene ever:

SSB Brawl: “The Great Invasion”
You do not screw with Kirby, EVER.

28. Favorite Game Developer:
Namco Bandai. Concurrently, it has the WORST US MARKETING DEPARTMENT, EVER.
They make awesomeness like, oh, Tales and .hack, but put no effort into promoting them here, then bitch and moan about how they aren’t selling (and that’s if they even bother to bring them over).

29. A game you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving:

Metroid Prime.
FPS and I don’t get along most of the time. This is the exception.
Extra win points for having my favorite “load save file” music ever. Part of me still wishes I could hack something similar into Windows >_>;;;

30. Your favorite game of all time.

Really, you knew I was going to say FF4, right? Right? >_>;
It was only oozing out of every freaking pore of this post, you know…


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