This is Epic, so you have to roll for it.

…Dude. I think I want this game.
I hope it sells a freaking mint, too. Why? Because if it does, and if this is any indication… ohh yeah. See where I’m going? >:D

Live from Azeroth: It cannot be said enough that I love playing old man Phil. OLD MAN CAN HEAL or something. To think that about a month ago I was spooked about raid healing because I thought I would screw up and such. Hah! Now, it’s like… the more I play him, the easier it gets. It’s part-gear upgrades, part-experience and part-“no, really, you’re not going to botch it because there’s heal redundancy.”

(…though, the other day I DID solo-heal Patchwerk. I didn’t know until AFTER the boss went down that the other healer got left behind in Ironforge. *blink*)

So I’d piled up enough frost emblems from a late-night ICC 10-man to get the first piece of his tier 10 healer set and… uh…
Where’s the “Crimson” in the “Crimson Acolyte Shoulderpads?” (Click on that armory link up there to follow along.) Those shoulders (and the rest of the armor set for that matter) are most definitely not anything resembling red, they’re all fel (demon) green and in-game they have a bit of a yellow glow effect which makes ’em look like puke-green.

The Heroic Sanctified version? BLUE. WHAT.

Really? Really? Crimson is not puke-green or blue (though the Heroic Sanctified version would look badass on Phil), it is RED. Oddly enough, the normal Sanctified set is indeed red-ish. One out of three ftw, I guess? Still, costume designer dood, did you flunk out of color theory or something? Sheesh.

POKE HER FACE. Lady Gaga gets boo points on the whole (mostly because of the videos– the music itself is tolerable but the videos are so disconnected from the lyrics that the end results break my head), but this is the one exception, and only because Cartman does it SO MUCH BETTER. >:D

I need to remember to watch South Park more consistently. Yes, I can always stream it from the website (and it’s better that way since they aren’t bleeped) but… you get the idea. >_>;

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