Box of Fun and… oh, more WoW-tardery

Oh hello August, where the smoo did you come from?
…crap, I forgot about the Midsummer Box of Fun. It’s something I’ve done in July for the past couple of years, just do an Amazon/Best Buy clusterfwegh of an order… mostly video games but otherwise small fun or awesome things. Maybe I spaced out this time because I’d gotten Super Mario Galaxy 2 and Pikmin and passed that off as my Box of Fun.
On the flipside, I can’t really think of anything else I’d want at the moment, so I could just delay it until fall or whatever. Hm.

Live from Azeroth: So, uh, I may have invaded Khadgar server… and am making a serious attempt to play a Horde character this time rather than just bumming about when there’s slim pickings for PuG raids or other things on Draenor. (Boss is out for the weekend to attend a wedding, to name one…) I’d earlier said I was going to roll a Tauren Paladin in Cataclysm, but decided to wander over to Khadgar sooner.

This also means there are two of Koyoshial now… a shadow priest on Tanaris server (Pigeon land!) though she’s kind of a token presence there… and this Koyoshial I rolled on DM’s server, who is intended to be a Blood Elf replica of Yoshi (with things like profession changed up a little bit to be more efficient). As you can guess, the Ko- prefix is my corruption of “Kopii” because you can’t put spaces in names. Boo.
Anyway, I’ll be levelling her during the day, and holy smoo you doods in Lazy Peons spoil me. :O

Ah, so different to be in a bigger guild as opposed to tiny, tiny Shattered Knights. Not that one is necessarily better than the other, and surely SK will pick up at the expansion and our doods come back from hiatus… Still, at least with this one I won’t have to wade through awful Trade chat to find a PuG raid that may or may not be made of colossal fail.

And now, time for sleep.

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