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Markup, Markdown

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

So, uh, remember late last summer when I talked about getting greyscale and black markers to use on that empty sketchbook?

I finally got them. The Prismacolor Premier Chisel/Fine Warm Grey set and the set of black fine tip. Woo! I had some spare coin from Yoshi Day stuff, and they were on sale, so, why not?

Also take that, mobility issues! I was able to hobble from my birdcage to the mailbox and back without getting too worn out. Well, before the following…

I also rediscovered my extreme hatred of a certain puppy gate, it’s such a pain to lock (it’s one of those “sliding door” types that you have to drop the central bar to fix in place). The most tiring part of going to the mailbox was trying unsuccessfully to put this worthless gate back up. It’s not even the primary gate, but rather a backup measure because one of the bulldogs has been known to tackle down the primary gate if she sees a cat, and that hasn’t happened in nearly a year. I’ll try to put that gate back up in a bit, I want to unpack and play with these markers. :D

In Warcraft news, I got my Tauren priest to 100. Bought him the level 90 boost the day after my birthday (level 31?!) and it took me about 5 days to plow through. Again, circumstances dictated such a fast pace because we need more healers in my Horde guild and quickly, and given my recent surge of healer experience, it makes sense that I answer that call to throw bucketloads of five-figure green numbers at people in raids. Though the choice of which of my characters will participate in future raids is ultimately in the boss-man’s hands, I get the feeling he and the officers may ask for Phil over Yoshi, and I am okay with that because I’m starting to prefer healing over DPS.

Typical “female gamer” stuff, right? Remember, I was dealing with some bad healer anxiety up until very recently. Now I love it and I may actually be kinda good at it. :D

Coin Block Overdrive + Transmigrating Turtles Part 2

Friday, September 2nd, 2011

So… POMONA HAPPENED. Finally. (Also, derp, forgot to log it via Foursquare, whoops)

The Credit Union didn’t give me much hassle over breaking out the monies, and because the check is local, Wells Fargo isn’t giving me crap about LOL HOLDS so it should clear within a day or so. YES. I HAVE MONEY. WOO~

Bonus awesome: it was actually not so hot, because we got in and out before high noon. Good, because it looks like another heat wave wants to sit on us next week (booooo).

Blastoise… hm… his secondary drive is, like, slowly crumbling in terms of folders becoming unreadable. The folders that matter (Instant Ramen, media, etc.) are safely backed up on Yggdrasil and I’ve been funneling stuff over the house LAN, but I’m going to have to do something about this secondary drive. I may loot SpinRite to see if I can save the drive on principle, but regardless it looks like Blastoise is going to get rebuilt sooner rather than later.

SO, fellow computer monsters! Unlike Yggdrasil, who’s a media box and was built on the cheap-ish, Blastoise is my primary and thus he must be awesome. Buuuut… I’ve kinda fallen behind on what constitutes awesomeness these days, particularly for video cards. If you have any ideas, by all means. Keep in mind that he’s rocking the dual monitors.

Speaking of computers and me having money… oh yeah, Dinah. I guess I can go ahead and boost her to OS X Lion. I keep forgetting she’s a MacBook, it’s all the same to me. XD

Transmigrating Turtles

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Hello, heat wave. Ordinarily a minor annoyance, except on Sunday morning our AC decided to break down and piss everyone off. BOOOOO. To add insult to injury: Sears decided to give us the worst AC repair crew EVER (twice they lied about showing up when they were supposed to).

But I guess the worst part for me was having to shut down both Blastoise and Yggdrasil because they were just running way too hot. Although I was able to bring Iggy back online a couple days in because I got a window fan to keep my bedroom livable, Blastoise was down the full duration– and stupid me forgot to synch the Instant Ramen folder before shutting down, so a piece I was working on was trapped on him. Doh!

The AC got fixed yesterday, but now I have another problem: I’m pretty sure Blastoise’s secondary drive is about to die. I noticed that my podcasts were crapping out about halfway in and making iTunes seize up, but played fine when streamed off TWiT/Frogpants, so it had to be my drive.

Panic mode instantly ensued: if that drive was going to tank, I’d better get my Instant Ramen folder off Blastoise, like, NOW. I had synched it with Yggdrasil before but the last time that happened was earlier this year, so in a hurry I was copying it over the LAN. Now Yggdrasil has a current copy of the Instant Ramen folder, and soon Dinah will as well because derpaderp I just realized that I should probably include Instant Ramen in my Dropbox. >_>;

This is pushing closer and closer to the forefront the issue of transmigrating Blastoise. Recall that he was last rebuilt in… March 2007? Dood tends to average about 4 years between forms (’99-03, ’03-07, and so on), so he would be due for a transmigration by now. Blastoise is just one of those machines who can power through just about everything but when he can’t take anymore, you know right away; the tell in this case being Painter 12, of all things. Since the high-end graphics programs like Photoshop are now taking advantage of video cards and higher-than-4GB RAM limits, the jump to Painter 12 was enough to make Blastoise go “oof” and if I’m working on a particularly complex piece, he actually starts to lag really badly. On top of that, his video card has to support two monitors, so he really only has half-capacity to work with. So…. yeah, dood could use a rebuild.

Obviously this will happen after the Coin Block Reload (which for sure is supposed to happen on Friday morning). Whatever happens, let’s hope NewEgg doesn’t hate me this time. :P