Markup, Markdown

So, uh, remember late last summer when I talked about getting greyscale and black markers to use on that empty sketchbook?

I finally got them. The Prismacolor Premier Chisel/Fine Warm Grey set and the set of black fine tip. Woo! I had some spare coin from Yoshi Day stuff, and they were on sale, so, why not?

Also take that, mobility issues! I was able to hobble from my birdcage to the mailbox and back without getting too worn out. Well, before the following…

I also rediscovered my extreme hatred of a certain puppy gate, it’s such a pain to lock (it’s one of those “sliding door” types that you have to drop the central bar to fix in place). The most tiring part of going to the mailbox was trying unsuccessfully to put this worthless gate back up. It’s not even the primary gate, but rather a backup measure because one of the bulldogs has been known to tackle down the primary gate if she sees a cat, and that hasn’t happened in nearly a year. I’ll try to put that gate back up in a bit, I want to unpack and play with these markers. :D

In Warcraft news, I got my Tauren priest to 100. Bought him the level 90 boost the day after my birthday (level 31?!) and it took me about 5 days to plow through. Again, circumstances dictated such a fast pace because we need more healers in my Horde guild and quickly, and given my recent surge of healer experience, it makes sense that I answer that call to throw bucketloads of five-figure green numbers at people in raids. Though the choice of which of my characters will participate in future raids is ultimately in the boss-man’s hands, I get the feeling he and the officers may ask for Phil over Yoshi, and I am okay with that because I’m starting to prefer healing over DPS.

Typical “female gamer” stuff, right? Remember, I was dealing with some bad healer anxiety up until very recently. Now I love it and I may actually be kinda good at it. :D

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