The family that raids together, stays together!

In my OpenRaid group we have… well, I guess I would call it a “complete family unit.” One of our raid leaders (usually he brings his warlock, and that detail will become relevant very quickly) brings his wife (usually a shaman) and his son (a death knight) with him. They’re all very competent players, and their son is one of the main tanks. It’s just adorable to hear the banter between the three of them. Truly the family that raids together stays together!

SO. We’re in Highmaul and the warlock, Mr. Dingos, used a battle rez on his wife towards the end of the Twin Ogron fight. No big deal, right? Now, the warlock has this add-on that broadcasts a random sassy quote whenever he uses certain abilities (summoning portal, soul well, soulstone, call demon pet), and when he revived his wife, the particular random quote that triggered was:

“By accepting this resurrection, you forfeit your firstborn!”

Remember, that firstborn is the main tank (and said tank is a death knight, so he’s ALREADY dead, in a manner of speaking). Yeah. I think you can imagine the laughing that happened in Ventrilo. It was randomly selected, but in that situation it was just… perfect! XD

Silly stuff like this is why I like this raid group, and raiding in general.

Also, I hope whoever wrote that add-on gets around to expanding its functionality to make it usable by other classes. I don’t have a warlock but I’d really like to use an add-on like that on my mage. Oh, the fun that would ensue! :D

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