The one about Mar’gok getting PWNED (also Yoshi Day stuff)

Today, my awesome old man priest Philionel stomped on Imperator Mar’gok’s dumb ogre face. >:D Not only is it my first end boss kill (on a difficulty harder than LFR) of this expansion, but my first end boss kill in current content, ever, as a healer. (And as Alliance, too!)

Considering how all my previous raid full clears was as DPS and as a Horde character, yeah, this is a big freaking deal. :D Though, as you can see, Kopii Yoshi is clearly quite capable of pewpewing her way to Mar’gok’s doorstep, it’s just that the way her guild’s raid scheduling and team assignments worked out is that she didn’t get to participate in their first Mar’gok kill. Oh well. I imagine she’ll stomp on his face eventually.

But, yes. First end boss kill of WoD, first one EVER as a healer and as Alliance. It’s hard to imagine I used to be such a giant chicken about raid healing. :P

“But Yoshi, you’re in that tiny-ass Alliance guild with your big brother, did you REALLY PuG raid that stuff? Aren’t PuG raid leaders predominantly impatient jerks?” Only if you count OpenRaid as PuG. Which… I kinda don’t anymore. My Alliance characters raid with EOTT (Elder of the Thing), which is supposed to be a portmanteau/cross-server coalition of two guilds (Elderwind and Fellowship of the Thing) but in practice is actually a three-way alliance between those two and and a third guild Havoc, plus whatever scragglers and free agents we pick up along the way (like me :P). As soon as my brother gets his machine back up (or gets a new one), I hope to introduce him to EOTT as well, since it’d definitely scratch his itch to get back into raiding.

I haven’t even texted him yet, to gloat. I could so easily do that. He probably wouldn’t believe me, either, or say I got carried (which I most definitely did not) since he’s used to me being a dumb, unskilled pocket healer during transmog runs. Once he sees that “1 Imperator Mar’gok kills (Normal Highmaul)” notation in my record (and that Phil’s caught up to Yoshi‘s ilvl) he’ll rocket to the moon. Hah! I think I’ll just keep quiet until he shows up and be all “oh, I already stomped on Mar’gok’s face, what” and see what happens. XD

In other news, Yoshi Day Episode 31 is incoming. HOPEFULLY the parental management doesn’t ruin it like they did last year’s with their drama, because I would really like to enjoy my birthday this time. I don’t want to become one of those cranky people who hates their birthdays because of stupid stuff. Birthdays are about leveling up in real life and getting awesome food and CAKE. Who doesn’t like cake?! (well, aside from those with diabetes)

When I raid (well, more like LFR) that day, I’m totally going to plop cakes alongside the feasts. ;D

I’m also going to buy a level 90 boost for my recently-dusted-off Tauren priest because circumstances have suggested that we are going to need additional raid healers in my Horde guild and FAST, and it coincides well with my having facepunched my Healer Performance Anxiety.

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