Coin Block Overdrive + Transmigrating Turtles Part 2

So… POMONA HAPPENED. Finally. (Also, derp, forgot to log it via Foursquare, whoops)

The Credit Union didn’t give me much hassle over breaking out the monies, and because the check is local, Wells Fargo isn’t giving me crap about LOL HOLDS so it should clear within a day or so. YES. I HAVE MONEY. WOO~

Bonus awesome: it was actually not so hot, because we got in and out before high noon. Good, because it looks like another heat wave wants to sit on us next week (booooo).

Blastoise… hm… his secondary drive is, like, slowly crumbling in terms of folders becoming unreadable. The folders that matter (Instant Ramen, media, etc.) are safely backed up on Yggdrasil and I’ve been funneling stuff over the house LAN, but I’m going to have to do something about this secondary drive. I may loot SpinRite to see if I can save the drive on principle, but regardless it looks like Blastoise is going to get rebuilt sooner rather than later.

SO, fellow computer monsters! Unlike Yggdrasil, who’s a media box and was built on the cheap-ish, Blastoise is my primary and thus he must be awesome. Buuuut… I’ve kinda fallen behind on what constitutes awesomeness these days, particularly for video cards. If you have any ideas, by all means. Keep in mind that he’s rocking the dual monitors.

Speaking of computers and me having money… oh yeah, Dinah. I guess I can go ahead and boost her to OS X Lion. I keep forgetting she’s a MacBook, it’s all the same to me. XD

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