Transmigrating Turtles

Hello, heat wave. Ordinarily a minor annoyance, except on Sunday morning our AC decided to break down and piss everyone off. BOOOOO. To add insult to injury: Sears decided to give us the worst AC repair crew EVER (twice they lied about showing up when they were supposed to).

But I guess the worst part for me was having to shut down both Blastoise and Yggdrasil because they were just running way too hot. Although I was able to bring Iggy back online a couple days in because I got a window fan to keep my bedroom livable, Blastoise was down the full duration– and stupid me forgot to synch the Instant Ramen folder before shutting down, so a piece I was working on was trapped on him. Doh!

The AC got fixed yesterday, but now I have another problem: I’m pretty sure Blastoise’s secondary drive is about to die. I noticed that my podcasts were crapping out about halfway in and making iTunes seize up, but played fine when streamed off TWiT/Frogpants, so it had to be my drive.

Panic mode instantly ensued: if that drive was going to tank, I’d better get my Instant Ramen folder off Blastoise, like, NOW. I had synched it with Yggdrasil before but the last time that happened was earlier this year, so in a hurry I was copying it over the LAN. Now Yggdrasil has a current copy of the Instant Ramen folder, and soon Dinah will as well because derpaderp I just realized that I should probably include Instant Ramen in my Dropbox. >_>;

This is pushing closer and closer to the forefront the issue of transmigrating Blastoise. Recall that he was last rebuilt in… March 2007? Dood tends to average about 4 years between forms (’99-03, ’03-07, and so on), so he would be due for a transmigration by now. Blastoise is just one of those machines who can power through just about everything but when he can’t take anymore, you know right away; the tell in this case being Painter 12, of all things. Since the high-end graphics programs like Photoshop are now taking advantage of video cards and higher-than-4GB RAM limits, the jump to Painter 12 was enough to make Blastoise go “oof” and if I’m working on a particularly complex piece, he actually starts to lag really badly. On top of that, his video card has to support two monitors, so he really only has half-capacity to work with. So…. yeah, dood could use a rebuild.

Obviously this will happen after the Coin Block Reload (which for sure is supposed to happen on Friday morning). Whatever happens, let’s hope NewEgg doesn’t hate me this time. :P

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