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(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Kill it with Force Arrow

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Kill it with Force Arrow

I wonder if this would satisfy the “WAIT I’LL FIX IT” entry in the request queue? XD

When in doubt, don’t kill it with fire or nukes, kill it with Force Arrow. Charge Beam doesn’t have squat on this!
One of these days I’ll have to do at least a pencil-render animation of Chelsea using Force Arrow, complete with Noisy Cricket-esque recoil. Yeah, the recoil in Tales of Destiny is actually pretty minor (she just staggers back a little) but here we like to take it to 11!

Flea Vest mode because we like pink pajamas with random F prints.

Also, YouTube version since this was last night’s Instant Ramen LIVE episode, after all:

It’s pretty much settled now that Instant Ramen LIVE will be a weekly event on Wednesdays at 7pm PT. It is a little late in the day, but for me I know I’ll have a definite 3-hour block that I can dedicate for live painting for all the internets to see. And, uh… even if nobody shows up, at least autorecords server-side so I can at least have a recording for the record. Together with the 10-minute YouTube versions that I post the next day, everybody wins!

For now I’m keeping the pieces on the live show to those I can knock out in a single session, but this doesn’t rule out more complex, multi-session pieces in the future. :)

(Instant Ramen LIVE) Hummer Hydro Pump Attack!

Thursday, January 12th, 2012

The best kind of ramen is the kind that’s made fresh, just for you! Instant Ramen LIVE!
For those who were unable to make tonight’s yet-again-impromptu livestream, the time-lapsed YouTube edition:

By gosh, I think I’ve found the magic combination for converting from autoarchive into a format that won’t get artifacted too badly on YouTube. H.264, WHY haven’t I used you sooner? XD It exports hella fast into a nice, small little thing that uploads to YouTube in about 10 minutes.

What do you doods think, anyway? Is time-compressing the streams into 10-minute fun-size versions awesomesauce, or do you prefer watching at the original speed? (Because I can easily toss the stitched-but-otherwise-unaltered versions on my server if you wanted to loot those.)

Also had quite a few doods in the audience/chat room this time, just some passers-by who were curious about the software and thought this was fan art. XD

In any case, I’ma try to assemble the actual wallpapers before raid time. As for what’s next… uh… oh yeah, something for NSFW since the next episode is TRIPLE COMPLETE BIRTHDAY (one of the hosts, a frequent guest and one of the TWiT tech director doods).

(Instant Ramen LIVE) Turtle on a Stick

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

What? Another time-lapse release of the last Instant Ramen LIVE broadcast? Okay!

We’re… getting there as far as video quality goes. But I get the feeling that it’s not going to change much if I go past 1mb/s, since it appears the other half of the problem is something that can’t be fixed (video compression hates line art… which is what this IS, and is less glaring when I add moar color). But now I’ve gotten a means of speedily extracting, polishing and punting to YouTube. :D

Now it’s just a matter of getting more doods to show up and watch, so I can open up Skype for what would ideally be a 3-way+ sass commentary. Yeah, I should be doing these streams much earlier in the evening.

The next part (Blastoise dual-wielding the giant Hydro Pump cannons) will be tomorrow tonight.

(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Time Lapsed Blastoise

Monday, January 9th, 2012

I didn’t know whether to flag it as a WIP or completion, but the video below documents more or less what goes on from ink to color and… oh, just watch the damn thing already.

Low bitrate is looooow. Sure, it’ll load pretty fast, but holy crap all the jitter and artifacts and ew. You can be sure I’ll crank up the capture bitrate for future streams and captures. :P
But yes, if you have ever wanted to see how Instant Ramen gets drawn and polished, look no further! This particular piece probably won’t be exported as a standalone piece, but will be included in the immediately-following wallpapers I’m drawing up for Blastoise (crouching with his spear, summoning the pressure cannons for Hydro Pump, and a third one I’ve not yet wireframed).

I would like to livestream as much Instant Ramen as possible, though in reality, odds are I’ll probably stream just the major pieces and commissions.

Semi-related: drawing this kinda makes me miss Blastoise’s PSU/PSPortable2 form. I may go pick up the latter again…

A Bubble Sheet is Fine Too

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

It’s one thing to have Instant Ramen get run on a well-known podcast… it’s something else entirely when it gets turned into a print (via [info]giggleloop) and sent to the freaking TWiT Brickhouse and unboxed live on the internets by the tech staff.

It’s pronounced “Aya-ronny,” by the way. POINTS FOR EFFORT THOUGH. XD

I only regret that King Leo had already left for vacation… because holy crap that would have taken the wow factor to 11. Oh well. :P