(Instant Ramen LIVE) Turtle on a Stick

What? Another time-lapse release of the last Instant Ramen LIVE broadcast? Okay!

We’re… getting there as far as video quality goes. But I get the feeling that it’s not going to change much if I go past 1mb/s, since it appears the other half of the problem is something that can’t be fixed (video compression hates line art… which is what this IS, and is less glaring when I add moar color). But now I’ve gotten a means of speedily extracting, polishing and punting to YouTube. :D

Now it’s just a matter of getting more doods to show up and watch, so I can open up Skype for what would ideally be a 3-way+ sass commentary. Yeah, I should be doing these streams much earlier in the evening.

The next part (Blastoise dual-wielding the giant Hydro Pump cannons) will be tomorrow tonight.

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