(Instant Ramen LIVE) Hummer Hydro Pump Attack!

The best kind of ramen is the kind that’s made fresh, just for you! Instant Ramen LIVE!
For those who were unable to make tonight’s yet-again-impromptu livestream, the time-lapsed YouTube edition:

By gosh, I think I’ve found the magic combination for converting from Justin.tv autoarchive into a format that won’t get artifacted too badly on YouTube. H.264, WHY haven’t I used you sooner? XD It exports hella fast into a nice, small little thing that uploads to YouTube in about 10 minutes.

What do you doods think, anyway? Is time-compressing the streams into 10-minute fun-size versions awesomesauce, or do you prefer watching at the original speed? (Because I can easily toss the stitched-but-otherwise-unaltered versions on my server if you wanted to loot those.)

Also had quite a few doods in the audience/chat room this time, just some passers-by who were curious about the software and thought this was fan art. XD

In any case, I’ma try to assemble the actual wallpapers before raid time. As for what’s next… uh… oh yeah, something for NSFW since the next episode is TRIPLE COMPLETE BIRTHDAY (one of the hosts, a frequent guest and one of the TWiT tech director doods).

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