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(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Kill it with Force Arrow

Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Kill it with Force Arrow

I wonder if this would satisfy the “WAIT I’LL FIX IT” entry in the request queue? XD

When in doubt, don’t kill it with fire or nukes, kill it with Force Arrow. Charge Beam doesn’t have squat on this!
One of these days I’ll have to do at least a pencil-render animation of Chelsea using Force Arrow, complete with Noisy Cricket-esque recoil. Yeah, the recoil in Tales of Destiny is actually pretty minor (she just staggers back a little) but here we like to take it to 11!

Flea Vest mode because we like pink pajamas with random F prints.

Also, YouTube version since this was last night’s Instant Ramen LIVE episode, after all:

It’s pretty much settled now that Instant Ramen LIVE will be a weekly event on Wednesdays at 7pm PT. It is a little late in the day, but for me I know I’ll have a definite 3-hour block that I can dedicate for live painting for all the internets to see. And, uh… even if nobody shows up, at least autorecords server-side so I can at least have a recording for the record. Together with the 10-minute YouTube versions that I post the next day, everybody wins!

For now I’m keeping the pieces on the live show to those I can knock out in a single session, but this doesn’t rule out more complex, multi-session pieces in the future. :)