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All a-twitter

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

If you read Ayarane Project through the main hub, this is probably irrelevant to you since AP sticks my tweets on the sidebar. I don’t do a daily Twitter round-up in the LJ/Facebook feeds as a courtesy to those who, understandably, don’t care to be tweet-bombed (though I would like to think that the Twitter hate has died down since then… hopefully).

That said, I would like to apologize in advance to those reading through LJ who harbor a seething, deep-seeted hatred of the Twitter and would advise you to skip this post for the sake of your blood pressure. :P Hell, if you’re reading this on the LJ feed, I’ll even cut it for you.

Dear internet, I am a twit. I tweet the peeps. I am anything BUT a Twitter Quitter. I even own Twitter-related shirts! (Seriously, proud owner of this shirt and next time I make an offering to the ThinkGeek gods I am SO getting this.)

I made a post along these lines when I first opened my Twitter account last year but for some reason I’ve not plugged it much if at all since then.

You should follow me! Here, my Twitter handle, let me show it to you:

“But Yoshi,” random internet dood says, “didn’t you say you hated this self-promotional business and denounce it as pointless vanity?” Yes, of course. I still have a pathological fear of vanity that no doubt gets me REAMED in the job hunt (this alongside my equally-pathological fear of cold-calling) but this is one of those freak moments in which I’m on a snark streak and I’m going to roll with it. o_o I know, it’s really weird. Please put down the bootstrap whips, doods who would lecture me about applying this elsewhere, as such talk is still generally not welcome here.


Why should you read my tweets?
Well… you know those fun-sized candies that we tend to decry as a rip-off but are, in fact, kind of awesome if you need a bite-sized sugar fix? Yeah, that’s what Yoshi-brand twitter is.
Imagine these little Yoshi Candies with Twitter-colored wrappings, and when you pop one you get a little burst of Yoshi-ness that would otherwise be too small to justify a post (most of the time… sometimes they are links to WIPs/finished arts, replies or, gasp, RETWEETS).

Just as I have been told that I have this thing about making the most mundane, daily nothings interesting enough to read about in blog form (whether or not this is true, well, that’s on you to decide), Yoshi-brand tweets are the same way, just… bite-sized. Omnomnom.
To continue with this horrible candy analogy, the Forrest Gump rule is also in effect– contents are randomized and may contain nuts. NAUGHTY LIBERAL NUTS. That is, I can, will, and often do shoot my mouth on politics and, NOT ONLY THAT, also let my raging voice actor fandom (particularly of one Yuri Lowenthal, who, by the way, is absolute hilarity on Twitter and MORESO when he and his wife Tara Platt are up to no good :3 :3 :3) fly free as a little tweety-bird without fear of having a fireball flung in my face. :D

Oh, and as if you didn’t need any more incentives, this is also what you want to follow if you want to see pictures (and, hopefully more frequently, VIDEO) of my big orange furball. So, in a way, Kestine gets in on the Twitter action, too.

I promise I’m not drunk, internet. I don’t even drink. I’m just naturally this smarmy.

So, internet doods, please follow me on the Twitter machine. I don’t have an awesome Robot Skeleton Army like Craig Ferguson does but… hm… maybe I can amass a Tweeting Prinny Legion. (Dood.)
Well, you could just read the tweet-feed without having to actually sign up for Twitter, but something about having a follow list that isn’t littered with bots and MLM-shills and other not-people-who-are-legitimately-interested just kinda tickles me pi… blue. Twitter blue.

As an aside, I’d considered making a Twitter feed just for the Cthulhu-like entity otherwise known as Yoshi’s Imagination but I decided against it since in most cases it’d break the 140-character limit. Sadface. :( Though, maybe I could make a Facebook fan page for it instead? HMM.

This concludes my shameless Twitter-mercial and I promise I won’t make such a horrible plug for a very long time. :P

Holy shit, it’s almost the end of February. March is when we REALLY get to the COUNTDOWN TO YOSHI DAY 2010 (aka “Yoshi Day Episode 26” aka “Yoshi Day 1st Season Finale” aka “Yoshi’s Birthday But Not April Fools Day”). Sadly I have no spoilers to offer for the upcoming not-television event, aside from it likely involving cake and other tasty food.

Also, unrelated: CURLING. Listen to a curling match without commentary (and no video). Doesn’t it sound really naughty?
I’m very sorry, internet, my mind is in a very lulzy place right now. XD I’m going to bum around on YouTube until Craig Ferguson’s on.

TWiT Nation

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Since late last year, I’ve been using TWiT as a secondary form of TV– yes, there is Netflix and I abuse its streaming to the fullest– and thus today I am going to use my piddly-in-the-global-scheme position as Across’ boss-pants-wearing overlord to plug things that you should watch/listen to because they are just that awesome.

Munchcast is TWiT’s podcast for foodies with a small side of news and tech (in appropriate context). The real fun, of course, is in digging up YouTubes of the topical food type– mainly old music videos and vintage commercials relating to that food. The link has the feed info for the audio version, but I would actually suggest watching the video version via ODTV (until TWiT can get the official video podcast version going). If you like Food Network (specifically its geekier shows like Unwrapped or Good Eats), loot this podcast! The power of OMNOMNOM demands it!
Watch it live on Sundays around 2pm pacific. :D

Windows Weekly is, of course, about Microsoft stuff. But is it all Microsoft butt-kissing? Hardly. There’s actually more sassing and snarking about Windows and other Microsoft things– kinda like a MS-oriented version of people in retail relating amusing insider stuff about their employers– so if you hate Microsoft you should DEFINITELY watch this since there’s quite a bit of pointing out where Microsoft fails. Of course, there’s actually some useful things about Windows stuff here and there, but I watch for the MS sass.
New episodes broadcast live on Thursdays around 11am pacific.

NSFW, however, is pretty much my top favorite of TWiT’s current lineup. Note that the show name itself does not literally mean Not Safe For Work (though, as TWiT’s “late-night” show they do get a little rowdy but it’s not really as much as you would think) and the acronym’s meaning is variable, but most often interpreted as “New Show Full of Win.” If you are at all familiar with imageboard/LOL INTERNETS culture, you MUST watch this podcast– and I do mean watch, there’s an audio version but you really need the video for the full experience. It’s sometimes described as “4chan in podcast form” which I don’t think is really an accurate summary since these guys are actually decent, hilarious and they do make an effort not to alienate the two groups that 4chan and its ilk frequently target (women and people of color). If you had to compare NSFW to anything… I’d say it’s more like Penny Arcade. Oh, whatever, just give it a whirl and see how ya like it. :P
Unlike the other two podcasts (or most of TWiT’s shows), NSFW is not-so-time-sensitive, meaning older episodes are still interesting to watch weeks or even months after the initial posting. I particularly like the YouBooze episode for the shameless, SHAMELESS lulz. XD
It’s broadcast live on Tuesdays around 7pm pacific, though sometimes they record on Mondays. Thus, I suggest keeping an eye on the show’s Twitter feed just in case. ;P

It’s Pizza Saturday and good thing it didn’t rain today like my weather widget said it might. :P I like rain, but I would totally feel guilty about summoning pizza on a rainy day and making the dood drive through that (especially at the rate we’ve been getting lately here). :P

WoW time now, since I haven’t bothered Robert in awhile. While it doesn’t look it, he does get a little spooked if I don’t surface for a couple days. o.o; (Strange words from someone who is NOTORIOUSLY BAD about checking his TXT message inbox. :P) I’ll finish off that Hecate bromide later tonight (just need to do at-border cleanup and a background). Wee~

The tiniest of mews

Monday, June 8th, 2009

Are CuteOverload and Daily Kitten not enough to satisfy your fill of kitty? Then Itty Bitty Kitty Committee is for you. Nothing but baby kitties (mostly orangies!) just stumbling around and being cute.

Also this one looks like Neo. >_>;
Just sayin’.

I should not be this amused. XD;

Friday, November 7th, 2008

[info]obama_daily and [info]biden_daily. Why do I find the idea of presidential fangirls to be so very amusing? XD And by “fangirls” I mean “they like these guys because they’re hot rather than for anything to do with politics.”

Though… I can’t say I blame them; this is the first time in awhile where our president ISN’T a wrinkly old guy… (but to be fair, even G.I. Joe’s nice to look at too. *high-fives [info]lady_of_entropy*)

And also this isn’t exactly new, for presidents and politicians to be favored for sex appeal… believe it or not, waaaay back when (as in, colonial and such), there were indeed some presidents that were considered sexy. Of course, what was considered sexy then is completely different from what’s considered sexy now, but you get the idea.

If the *chans have anything to say about this, well… need I say more? :P

This is, of course, putting aside all of those “Sarah Palin is a MILF/GILF/VPILF” comments during the campaign… :P

So, um, yeah. Perhaps it’s time to find food and finish coloring this Gourmet Ramen piece…

Still Obamalicious

Thursday, November 6th, 2008, a fitting name for the new President-Elect Obama website.
It uses a similar design to his campaign site, though obviously a little more… sober and official-looking as far as color and font choices go.

Also while the YouTube account’s been quiet for obvious reasons (though with the launch of the YouTube account, looks like all future video updates will get posted there), it’s nice to see that the Flickr stream is still running. These were actually my favorite parts of the campaign, to see all the things that went on behind-the-scenes, and I hope that the cameras keep rolling as long as possible. If anything, posting all these pictures and videos makes the man far easier to relate to as a fellow human being rather than as someone larger-than-life that we tend to see politicians in general as being.

Yoshi is amused. :D