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Since late last year, I’ve been using TWiT as a secondary form of TV– yes, there is Netflix and I abuse its streaming to the fullest– and thus today I am going to use my piddly-in-the-global-scheme position as Across’ boss-pants-wearing overlord to plug things that you should watch/listen to because they are just that awesome.

Munchcast is TWiT’s podcast for foodies with a small side of news and tech (in appropriate context). The real fun, of course, is in digging up YouTubes of the topical food type– mainly old music videos and vintage commercials relating to that food. The link has the feed info for the audio version, but I would actually suggest watching the video version via ODTV (until TWiT can get the official video podcast version going). If you like Food Network (specifically its geekier shows like Unwrapped or Good Eats), loot this podcast! The power of OMNOMNOM demands it!
Watch it live on Sundays around 2pm pacific. :D

Windows Weekly is, of course, about Microsoft stuff. But is it all Microsoft butt-kissing? Hardly. There’s actually more sassing and snarking about Windows and other Microsoft things– kinda like a MS-oriented version of people in retail relating amusing insider stuff about their employers– so if you hate Microsoft you should DEFINITELY watch this since there’s quite a bit of pointing out where Microsoft fails. Of course, there’s actually some useful things about Windows stuff here and there, but I watch for the MS sass.
New episodes broadcast live on Thursdays around 11am pacific.

NSFW, however, is pretty much my top favorite of TWiT’s current lineup. Note that the show name itself does not literally mean Not Safe For Work (though, as TWiT’s “late-night” show they do get a little rowdy but it’s not really as much as you would think) and the acronym’s meaning is variable, but most often interpreted as “New Show Full of Win.” If you are at all familiar with imageboard/LOL INTERNETS culture, you MUST watch this podcast– and I do mean watch, there’s an audio version but you really need the video for the full experience. It’s sometimes described as “4chan in podcast form” which I don’t think is really an accurate summary since these guys are actually decent, hilarious and they do make an effort not to alienate the two groups that 4chan and its ilk frequently target (women and people of color). If you had to compare NSFW to anything… I’d say it’s more like Penny Arcade. Oh, whatever, just give it a whirl and see how ya like it. :P
Unlike the other two podcasts (or most of TWiT’s shows), NSFW is not-so-time-sensitive, meaning older episodes are still interesting to watch weeks or even months after the initial posting. I particularly like the YouBooze episode for the shameless, SHAMELESS lulz. XD
It’s broadcast live on Tuesdays around 7pm pacific, though sometimes they record on Mondays. Thus, I suggest keeping an eye on the show’s Twitter feed just in case. ;P

It’s Pizza Saturday and good thing it didn’t rain today like my weather widget said it might. :P I like rain, but I would totally feel guilty about summoning pizza on a rainy day and making the dood drive through that (especially at the rate we’ve been getting lately here). :P

WoW time now, since I haven’t bothered Robert in awhile. While it doesn’t look it, he does get a little spooked if I don’t surface for a couple days. o.o; (Strange words from someone who is NOTORIOUSLY BAD about checking his TXT message inbox. :P) I’ll finish off that Hecate bromide later tonight (just need to do at-border cleanup and a background). Wee~

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