(WIP) They Say Green is Sexy

Black Dragon Woman~
(something something something)
I’ve got a Black Dragon Woman
and I something-something-lyrics-fail… buh

*sound of record stopping abruptly*


FYI, Hecate’s outfit (or lack of, depending on how you look at it) does get upgraded between episodes… but in such minor ways that aren’t instantly noticeable– tribal tattoo down her right side (collarbone to hip), embroidery on the shoulderpads and loincloth, a short pointy cape, fancier crown (obviously). Not that it applies here since this is her Episode 0 FE Bromide, but… yeah.

Don’t ever expect to see Hecate in a frilly dress like Yoshi in the Akatsuki’s “princess mode” spec. I try to imagine Hecate wearing lots of clothes or armor or what-have-you… I can’t. XD But that’s okay because this is pretty much commonplace for female dragons anyway. (As a warrior race, Black Dragons tend to see armor and such as being clunky and a hindrance… and with all that regeneration, even if they do get wounded they can heal it all back within a few hours/days.) It’s hilarious to see her with Hikaru, you get sass like “aren’t you boiling under all that armor?” and such, since Hikaru was raised among those smarmy humans who wear clothes. :P

Of course, there’s something to be said about getting sassed by your aunt ’cause you wear too much clothes… hah!

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