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(WIP) Now with 100% more BADASS LAWYERS

Thursday, July 31st, 2014

It's getting there.

Not only do we get a fully-painted Awesome McBadass Jack McCoy, now we also have Shiny McBaldhead Captain Crager, Dr. Warner and Awesome McMeganekko ADA Cabot (with an iPad! GASP. Because manila folders are so low-tech.) That just leaves the last two detectives and the background and final cleanup.

Then to hammer out something for Night Attack, because it will be useful in fishing around for Gourmet Ramen purposes.

But yes. LAWYERS. Also Dr. Warner’s hair was a total pain… or I thought it was, but the secret is using the small drybrush and just… twisty-scribbling your way out from the scalp and layering it on top of each other to create a plausible frizzy-curl look without having to go in and pencil-detail all the highlights on the hair. THAT would have been awful, all that work for something hardly anyone will bother to zoom in/fullview to really look at.
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A little speculation on a Law and Order anime before I fire off this post: what would my dream staff be for this? Assume that this would be done in Japan to start with, and for the English audio, the original actors would reprise their roles. (Also I’m pretty sure that at least the three major series have been dubbed into Japanese. I just wish I could get my hands on a cast list or something, ’cause YouTube isn’t pulling up squat except for a subbed TV spot about Original’s Season 20.) Ah hell, who am I kidding? Just hand it over to Gainax/Trigger and let them have fun with it (even if it results in the ladies getting some added bounce), and then some. (Sadamoto as character designer, of course.)

(WIP) Chilled Beverage

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Tea and Lawyers

Not only did I manage to paint another detective, but I even got to do Jack McCoy’s head before my Galaxy Note ran out of battery charge.

Going back to my fangirling over Yoshiyuki Sadamoto from last week, I think I could actually get behind my likening this painting to the full-color illustrations that he did that are scattered in the Evangelion manga. (I’d sure like to know what medium– digital or normal– he used for those. They’re way too slick and solid to be his usual watercolor fare. It looks like it could be acrylic paint or something digital?) Still anime-like, but so rich with detail that the line between caricature and photorealism becomes unclear.

It’s still pretty trippy what I’ve been able to pull of with the detail in the painting phase so far. Welp, I definitely won’t hesitate to tag some of the actors when I go tweeting the finished piece around. :D

Oh, the other day my mother asked me if it was more difficult to paint black people. They pose a little bit of a curveball in that most novice artists see a black person and think “oh, I’ll just use a darker brown.” Nope, it doesn’t quite work that way. (It’s a DOUBLE curveball if the person is one of those lighter-skinned types, like ICE T up there.) Depending on the lighting and highlights, there is actually a lot more yellow and peach, albeit lower saturation. The other key detail is in the lips, which tend to be more prominent and fuller than on your average white person.

When I was making the last detail adjustments, I realized I had actually gone too dark on the skin tones, but it wasn’t something I could fix by just resampling and reapplying color, so I threw another layer on top, set to screen, dropped the opacity to about 70% and put a very thin layer of bright peach on top of (mostly) the upper left quarter of the face. Fortunately that was just enough to fix it and everything was right on target. AS IT SHOULD.

After I finish Awesome McBadass Lawyer up there (again, I threw him in not just because McCoy actually did stick his fingers in a couple of SVU episodes, even if just to yell at the other layers likeĀ personal injury attorney Scott Barney, which did not diminish his awesomeness in the LEAST, but because his Awesome Factor is WELL over 9000), Dr. Warner’s probably next. Am I going to have to make a Men in Black reference with a “it be paintin’ black people in New York” tag? (Probably.)

(WIP) Special Cookies Unit

Monday, July 28th, 2014

Who's got the Munch-ies?

Um… wow. I know I dumped some talent points into “Refined Accuracy” when I did those bulldog paintings, but I didn’t think it’d have this much of an effect. This is starting to be veer closer to photorealistic than anime, which ordinarily is a non-issue except this IS supposed to be a speculative poster for an anime adaptation of Law and Order SVU, heh. (Then again, a lot of promo images for anime are a LOT more detailed than what actually goes on air.)

Unrelated: I totally did not talk about my skill level like it’s a freaking World of Warcraft-like talent tree. I’m such a nerd. XD

ANYWAY, I did Munch first because I knew it was going to nag at me until I got it done. This is so trippy. I’m toggling the color layer in Painter to compare with what this thing looks like with just the line art, there’s almost no comparison. I really made this thing pop with the paint job, and I’ve only just done ONE character so far. I’ll probably pick up later tonight with Tutuola after I let my Galaxy Note 10.1 charge for a bit (it’s my “second monitor” while I’m on Dinah, and displays any reference images I need for color matching, etc.).

I’m going to, uh, Munch on some cookies now. Yeah. I totally made that pun.

(WIP) Dragon Munchies

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

If I were to start inking that pile of junk food now, I’d be here until at least 9. And with this awful demon chair… no.
Besides, uh… later I’ll have real-life reference materials for at least the muffin tier. Yeah.

(WIP) The Dragon’s Nest

Monday, April 16th, 2012

Ugh, being reduced to single-display mode sucks. Sure, it allows me to focus better, but I hate having to alt-tab to check reference images and such. Boo. That said, it’s WIP time after a loooong break from the Ramen, and it’s the long awaited “junk food” piece:

When a dragon’s gotta eat, she’s going to eat. At EPIC proportions.

Deeum has something that she makes Velan prepare every so often… the “Dragon’s Nest,” a platter of sweets that no smarmy human could hope to conquer (though they’re damn welcome to try). Donuts, muffins, twisted/glazed bar donuts, marshmallow squares (aka Rice Krispy Treats), Twinkies and, on top of it all, a glazed cinnamon pull-apart bundt cake. If that doesn’t sound evil, I don’t know what does.

Hikaru joins in for this session of face-stuffing (dragons gotta fuel the regen somehow). As much as she hates that this requires another kitchen explosion to create… well… you can’t say no to a mountain of sweets. Woe unto anyone who dares to steal even a single piece off that pile. Even if you’re Chelsea. (I would also think that Numair would know that it is NOT worth being subject to a Deeum-brand clobbering… Hikaru would probably just glare him into the floor and, uh, not do anything to help. Yeah. that’s right.)

There’s still some things to be added in (like the couch and the milk/coffee pitchers and such) but you can see where my priorities were in this wireframe. :P

Why do I do this stuff at 3:30am? Ahahaha.