(WIP) Special Cookies Unit

Who's got the Munch-ies?

Um… wow. I know I dumped some talent points into “Refined Accuracy” when I did those bulldog paintings, but I didn’t think it’d have this much of an effect. This is starting to be veer closer to photorealistic than anime, which ordinarily is a non-issue except this IS supposed to be a speculative poster for an anime adaptation of Law and Order SVU, heh. (Then again, a lot of promo images for anime are a LOT more detailed than what actually goes on air.)

Unrelated: I totally did not talk about my skill level like it’s a freaking World of Warcraft-like talent tree. I’m such a nerd. XD

ANYWAY, I did Munch first because I knew it was going to nag at me until I got it done. This is so trippy. I’m toggling the color layer in Painter to compare with what this thing looks like with just the line art, there’s almost no comparison. I really made this thing pop with the paint job, and I’ve only just done ONE character so far. I’ll probably pick up later tonight with Tutuola after I let my Galaxy Note 10.1 charge for a bit (it’s my “second monitor” while I’m on Dinah, and displays any reference images I need for color matching, etc.).

I’m going to, uh, Munch on some cookies now. Yeah. I totally made that pun.

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