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image source: Foodbeast

You know, I refer to my portfolio/entire artistic brand as “Instant Ramen Sketchbook” but I think I just found someone who’s even more hardcore about “ramen” and “art” appearing in the same sentence. Enter Canadian artist Sarah Gonzales, who did a series about the origin, anatomy, preparation and widespread popularity of ramen. The opening reception even involved serving Cup Noodles! (Psst, Nissin, missed opportunity for publicity via sponsorship! Just saying…)

Check “Create: Topping” in particular. Maybe I’m just Metal Gear-obsessed, but I can’t help but imagine Solid Snake turned ramen cook. It’s the bandana! (Wait, didn’t MGS3 feature instant ramen at some point, too? Or was it just a space shuttle-friendly MRE ration pack?)

And it appears this was a digital series, too, according to the tags. I wonder what software the artist used? It looks so much like markers and watercolors. (Digging around her Behance account, it appears Photoshop is her weapon of choice.)

You can see even more of her art on her Tumblr blog.

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