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More bad moon humor…

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

So, what DID President Obama see when he looked through that telescope? The moon?

Better, he saw this:

Fusoya is not amused. XD

…I’m sorry XD

Oof, yet again

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Either I slept funny or something, because… ow. I usually fall asleep face-down with much pillow-hugging and lately have been waking up on my side (facing Dinah, who is on a table just beyond the pillows/topside, because ninja laptops supply music or other background noise) and with my legs hanging off the edge, which is usually a big no-no because normally I can’t lie like that without ohgodbackpain after a minute or so.

And now today I wake up with plenty of it. I could chug some advil but it’d take just as long for it to kick in than if I were to just wait it out.

(Then again, a full-size bed for a 25-year-old is too small. I have no idea how my brother can put up with that and he’s even taller.)


Some dudes from Organizing for America (aka the old Obama campaign) called about an hour ago asking about a health care story I had posted in reply to one of their calls for public input. They were asking if anything had changed, and for consent to send it to D.C., I’m presuming so the President can personally read it because aside from being paraded around on the White House website and such, I’m not sure what more could be done with it. ^_^;

But, if it ends up being even a little helpful in prompting a cleanup of this massive mess that is the American health care system, why not?

Of course, this just HAD to remind me of my silly pipe-dream in which I’m summoned to the White House to draw the First Family much in the style of my goofy political Ramen pieces (like PUNDIT BRAAAAAWL!). Because you know that would be epic awesome.


Speaking of arts, I am so overdue for another bar scene piece.
I have this weird fixation on groups of otherwise-semi-normal people being really silly… hence, bar scenes*, politicians/pundits playing video games and the like. The latter is a little more, er, “dangerous” because I risk incurring the wrath of my more conservative peers for the sake of lulz, but the payoff tends to be worth it.
These pieces take so long to do because there are so many people involved, but considering the end result… >:D

The great irony of my fixation of bar scenes and beer humor? I’ve never consumed any kind of alcoholic beverage, nor do I intend to. Not so much because of a dislike of it… more like lack of interest. Go figure.


Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

I woke up JUST in time to watch our badass freaking Presidential overlord get sworn into office. I’d woken up earlier at 6am and flipped on the TV and apparently nodded off again… but fortunately my cat hopped on my bed at 9 on the dot. (Didn’t you know? My kitty lovss MSNBC. He especially perks up whenever Keith Olbermann’s on, mwahahaha…)

Oh, hi, the official White House website suddenly became awesome. XD

It’s, like… dude, we have the most badass freaking president *ever.*

OH! Did you hear the crowd while Bush’s chopper was leaving? I was JUST THINKING about that song… whose name I cannot remember, and then behind all the chattering of the MSNBC anchors, I heard the crowd singing that. PRICELESS. I bet it’ll show up on YouTube later.

Bren is getting a laptop. A Dinah (read: Compaq), no less. And, um, I’ve been tapped to configure this machine (“give it the Yoshi treatment”) before it gets sent up to her in Denver. Of course, mother can never know about this… a shame that she doesn’t share in my view of generosity (again, hers is more like a nicely-rephrased version of “greed ftw! charity towards one’s fellow man is for losers!”)

I was looking for an opening so I could step away to go shower and such (because I know I won’t get a chance to later) and it appears the inaugural luncheon is it.

I should not be this amused. XD;

Friday, November 7th, 2008

[info]obama_daily and [info]biden_daily. Why do I find the idea of presidential fangirls to be so very amusing? XD And by “fangirls” I mean “they like these guys because they’re hot rather than for anything to do with politics.”

Though… I can’t say I blame them; this is the first time in awhile where our president ISN’T a wrinkly old guy… (but to be fair, even G.I. Joe’s nice to look at too. *high-fives [info]lady_of_entropy*)

And also this isn’t exactly new, for presidents and politicians to be favored for sex appeal… believe it or not, waaaay back when (as in, colonial and such), there were indeed some presidents that were considered sexy. Of course, what was considered sexy then is completely different from what’s considered sexy now, but you get the idea.

If the *chans have anything to say about this, well… need I say more? :P

This is, of course, putting aside all of those “Sarah Palin is a MILF/GILF/VPILF” comments during the campaign… :P

So, um, yeah. Perhaps it’s time to find food and finish coloring this Gourmet Ramen piece…

Still Obamalicious

Thursday, November 6th, 2008, a fitting name for the new President-Elect Obama website.
It uses a similar design to his campaign site, though obviously a little more… sober and official-looking as far as color and font choices go.

Also while the YouTube account’s been quiet for obvious reasons (though with the launch of the YouTube account, looks like all future video updates will get posted there), it’s nice to see that the Flickr stream is still running. These were actually my favorite parts of the campaign, to see all the things that went on behind-the-scenes, and I hope that the cameras keep rolling as long as possible. If anything, posting all these pictures and videos makes the man far easier to relate to as a fellow human being rather than as someone larger-than-life that we tend to see politicians in general as being.

Yoshi is amused. :D