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(WIP) Crazy Starfall

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

While painting that last FE Bromide, I “saw” what I wanted to do as far as Deeum’s FE Bromide. You think Grand Theft Golbez is a bit much? How about more like Grand Theft Link AND Kirby… AT THE SAME TIME.

Now hold that thought, because I had also realized what I wanted to do for Haruko’s. Hers is undoubtedly not fated to be anywhere near as shiny because her final equipment, of course, entails putting those FLCL clothes back on and making bad double-entendres about hitting things.

This presents a bit of a conundrum here… who goes first? Both have potential for badass, and both involve hitting things (or at least the threat of it).

The answer?

Wireframe ’em both, and decide later who gets finished first.

By the way, the Kirby part of Deeum’s FE Bromide? It’s Star Crusher. This is mostly a reference to the star in Super Smash Bros– not the one that makes you invincible, but the one that sends you flying offscreen for a second before smashing into the other guy’s face. Deeum’s version comes with the added bonus of being MUCH more explosive… and to add insult to injury, the impact heals her. Take THAT, jerk-ass porings who keep stealing her tacos!

(WIP) Genesis Rock

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

This isn’t a perfect replication of the Golbez armor (or, as it’s called in RT, the Deathkeeper). Believe it or not I actually did transfer, like… 80% of the details, but I did remove/simplify some things. (I based it on Golbez’ Dissidia design.)

Also… I decided to remove Hikaru from the bromide. I’d gotten pretty far into inking her portion when it looked like she would actually be competing with Aries as the focus of the bromide. Ordinarily that wouldn’t be an issue, but since this is an FE Bromide and those exist solely to show off the badassery of that character’s final equipment, this kind of competition wouldn’t be fitting. It’s possible I could add her back in as a very minor element (a small silhouette?) in the final version, though.

It was a bad idea then, and is STILL one now.

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

CoH Issue 14… yeah, it’s been out for a couple weeks and I’m just now fiddling with it.

Seems there was also a patch that FINALLY enabled Widow buttcapes. HELL YES. Ohgod Maria has needed it for such a long time, it was the first thing I equipped on her. I also looted the Magic Booster, but I’m beyond tired right now… still, I’ll get to making her a proper sexy upper-class villain costume real soon (that and rig her secondary Fortunata-mode dual spec).


Mission Architect, amirite?
Could this mean… we may see the return of something so horrible that it could only come from Yoshi’s Imagination?
Something like…

Great Teacher Numair?

Stay tuned >_>;
and yes, I may very well attempt to reconstruct Neo’s abandoned CoV characters too… at the very least Zeiress and Kestrinia since they’re both involved in Kopii Yoshi’s tale… However, in the absence of screens I may have to, um, use this opportunity to make some “upgrades” here and there. >_>;;;