It was a bad idea then, and is STILL one now.

CoH Issue 14… yeah, it’s been out for a couple weeks and I’m just now fiddling with it.

Seems there was also a patch that FINALLY enabled Widow buttcapes. HELL YES. Ohgod Maria has needed it for such a long time, it was the first thing I equipped on her. I also looted the Magic Booster, but I’m beyond tired right now… still, I’ll get to making her a proper sexy upper-class villain costume real soon (that and rig her secondary Fortunata-mode dual spec).


Mission Architect, amirite?
Could this mean… we may see the return of something so horrible that it could only come from Yoshi’s Imagination?
Something like…

Great Teacher Numair?

Stay tuned >_>;
and yes, I may very well attempt to reconstruct Neo’s abandoned CoV characters too… at the very least Zeiress and Kestrinia since they’re both involved in Kopii Yoshi’s tale… However, in the absence of screens I may have to, um, use this opportunity to make some “upgrades” here and there. >_>;;;

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