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Procreate bows to ME now

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016


A recent patch in Procreate (one of the major drawing apps on the iPad) fixed one of, if not my biggest gripe with the app– the eyedrop tool was too fickle in how it triggered. Now it’s mapped to a separate button that triggers when held down. YES. This thing was the biggest dealbreaker for a long time, and I can’t believe that it being fixed was what finally made the app not only usable, but pretty freaking awesome for me.

As you can tell, art happened!

I had attempted to do “native” (as in, done 100% in Procreate) pieces in the past but would hit a fatal roadblock, specifically in regards to coloring, because I am heavily dependent on eyedrop sampling for when I blend. It always ended with me having to export to Blastoise to finish in Painter (which presented an annoying, but not fatal issue, in that he would “break” my colors because he deemed the iPad color palette inferior and I’d have to go through all the color layers and tweak them to get them back to where they should be. It’s NOT an issue with my monitor, the colors are changed enough for me to know it’s not my monitor being improperly calibrated).

Exporting to Blastoise is okay, and expected for super-high-detail work where I specifically want to take advantage of Painter’s brushes, but I want to be able to do more casual material 100% on the iPad. For one thing, with my iPad I can do this from bed, which is much more comfortable than a crappy sinking office chair. Also, I am not super-confined to having my canvas oriented in one direction, I can spin it non-destructively so I can better work specific places.

I’ve gotten pretty used to the way Procreate handles and I’m really happy with the two things I’ve made so far (Hikaru’s FFXIV incarnation and Numair with Dragonite & Dratini), and they didn’t take me very long to do, so THEORETICALLY this should facilitate a lot more casual art posts.

Also, another awesome part about Procreate? Native support for video exporting! It basically does all the work for me in terms of generating a process/speedpaint video (shows the completed image first, then fades to the start of a timelapse) that I can instantly plop on YouTube! How it manages to track everything I do without lagging me horribly, I don’t know because capturing this shit on Blastoise isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world (I have to basically redo my OBS settings every time to make sure everything gets included) but having this available on the iPad is pretty freaking sweet, and I’m definitely going to export video for all the casual art I do going forward.

In fact, here’s the capture of the above-two pieces:

I COULD throw them into iMovie and drop music in, but I’m just too lazy for that nonsense.

The one feature I want to see in Procreate is better support for importing PSD files. You can KINDA do it now, but it’s super-clunky and only a handful of dimensions are supported, making it useless to me. I want better PSD importing so I can truly pingpong between Blastoise and my iPad, because right now it’s kind of a one-way thing.


Monday, April 25th, 2011

Holy crap, where did the day go? Oh well.

I didn’t bring my Scrooge McDuck stick with me, and I’m a dumbface for doing that because I am soooo worn out and I could have used it rather than looking for the nearest table/anything resembling a chair to rest at. It’s especially redonkulous because this is one of those canes you can shrink with a button (like umbrellas). Boo me!

That aside… I have a synthroid script again. YAAAAAAY.
BUT, I can’t go pick it up until tomorrow because the pharmacy is restocking, BOOOOO.

Hell, what’s another day, anyway? I’ve also been advised to chug vitamins– either/or a women or unisex multivitamin– which totally makes sense and probably should have been doing anyway. Because of Evil Stepfather, we have vitamins and the like up the wazoo, so no need to bundle ’em into the synthroid script (putting in that iron pill made mother freak out until I pointed it out that “Ferrous Sulfate” = LOL IRON SUPPLEMENT).

And finally… this detail made me consider locking, but upon further consideration, it was pretty much obvious anyway. I’ve been tapped for a psych referral for my depression.
Booo, extension of the black mark on my record. (Even if I’m paying cash, this stuff ends up in my file all the same.) Welp, I’m pretty much uninsurable aside from PCIP (and even that’s being a pain about letting me in… not to mention it’s a little expensive and may not be worth it for the moment. I need to do more number-crunching on that side). Whatever happens, I hope the sessions don’t drain my wallet too much. x_x
But, this depression has been dogging me for, well, as long as I can remember. Can’t run from it forever, it’s been chewing on my head pretty much my entire childhood, and I’ve never really known life outside of it. More importantly, there is absolutely NO WAY to realistically address my being a fat chick without treating the depression part first– it’s counterproductive to tell someone like me to go lose weight in a vacuum without addressing the other problems. It IS possible to trigger the startup of some kind of weight loss by means of reinstating my synthroid in addition to therapy, as I get my stamina and will to live back, but… yeah, if we were to do drastic crap like what mother would surely think (throw me blindly into a hardcore diet + exercise routine) that would TOTALLY ask for failure.
We can’t really exclude mother from this, because that’s also what caused my last attempt at therapy to fail… but I don’t want her sticking her fingers too much into this round if I can help it. >_>; I, uh, also haven’t told her i’ve been tapped with this referral yet… I was so winded and such getting out. Uhm…. I’ll just say it’s new policy for thyroid patients. That sounds plausible enough!

Most importantly, brain fog will GTFO, like, soon. Give it a couple days to take effect and then I’ll whack the Randomizer Block and see what happens on the art front! :O

In which Yoshi makes TWiT get its LOL on

Thursday, May 20th, 2010

I’m still internet famous for the time being. This is far too amusing to be real, but IT IS.

Let me back up a bit: If you recall, the other day I did a fan art piece for NSFW (a comedy video podcast on TWiT) and tweeted it to the hosts… and I figured that it would bring some funny and get some retweets and that would be it.

I, uh, apparently made enough of an impact to get said piece plugged during the aftershow (sadly, it is not included in the actual podcast and I wish I knew how to capture a live Ustream feed) AND retweeted by everyone in the pic. (Though… due to Twitter’s 140-character limit, my Twitter handle got dropped! Bah!)

I PROBABLY should have linked the actual DB entry rather than the fullview so I could get an accurate viewcount, but based on server logs and bandwidth usage, it got about 2700+ views.

It doesn’t end there, either. It’s been uploaded to the BBpedia and as of this posting, made the featured photo on the front page (despite clearly NOT being a photo). And yesterday morning, it got mentioned during TWiT’s coverage of the first Google I/O keynote. I didn’t actually get to watch the video version of that in full until just a couple hours ago and it turns out about 3/4 of the way through the event, Leo Laporte decided to display my horseapples doodle live.

Here’s the youtube of the Google I/O video, my drawing shows up around 1:33:50 (I’ll crop out that part and repost it to my YouTube account in a bit so you won’t have to wait for that monster to buffer all the way)

Yeah. I got praised by freaking Leo Laporte, the king of the internet! Maybe not by name but, hell, that was partially my fault for not embedding my Twitter handle or something in the corner. I’m under no delusions that this actually means anything in the long run or that I could pull off anything like this again. However, please indulge me in letting me enjoy my few minutes of internet fame. :P

The reason I haven’t posted this to my deviantArt is because the mods there don’t take too kindly to any depictions of Pedobear (even though I’ve warped his portrayal a lot by having him chase a 21 year old dude who’s been branded the analog of Justin Bieber, as opposed to little girls). It’s not written anywhere but I would rather err on the side of not getting smacked by the dA banhammer. ^_^;

Update @ 11:00pm

(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Sideways BBverse

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

I am INTERNET FAMOUS… for, like, 5 minutes. Maybe 10. And the story that goes with this pic might be a little more important than the pic itself…

It’s a followup to the last piece, and while I was finishing up on it, I lurked in TWiT‘s #unfiltered chat room while yesterday’s NSFW was recording. And, uh…. both this and the previous pic got flashed on the livestream– the first pic during the pre-show, and BOTH during the aftershow. XD And it’s STILL getting some minor retweeting action.

(…maybe I should have direct-linked the page it was on rather than a direct link to the fullview so I could get a more accurate view count. Oh well.)

Also? For being very simply-designed, Pedobear is a freaking pain to draw.

In other news, STEAM BANDWAGON. I HAVE JUMPED ON IT. (Steam ID: Ayarane)
Looted Portal since, you know, it’s kind of free right now (until the 24th). Strange, strange little game. Though I can’t say I would mind having a gun that lets me make portals. :P (Oh yes, there’s an RT gag in here somewhere… blue and orange Warp Portals, bwahaha)
It makes Blastoise work a little, though… a consequence of his being dual monitors (which halves his graphical oomph) but once he gets going everything is right as rain.

(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Party For Me ~Lowenthal Version~

Friday, March 5th, 2010

I salute my fangirl shorts, internet! Not only is this gift art for the man for his birthday, but this was also an excuse to let my fandom fly considering that they are all either my favorite lead characters or damned near close to it. (In the case of Alex and Cecil, they were even among my favorites before being made moreso by the LOL-enthal. :P) Why else would I call this Party For Me? XD

My favorite part about this, though… FACE-PULLING. You know Luke and Asch would have totally been making with the face-pulling and lots of yelling. XD; Also I’m still stupidly fixated on Luke’s Berserker costume title so I had to use it here. It’s just that awesome. :(

I was going to stick Haseo in Xth form but Asch’s armor was already stupidly detailed and Haseo’s Xth form outfit is even moreso and by the time I got to that point during the line art I was all “screw that, I’m just doing first form, it’s the lesser of four evils.” That and it’s Haseo’s most recognizable form anyway, so…

Alex and Cecil = BROS FOREVER. “Dood next door” heroes represent! :D

Yeah, this has been tweeted out. I await the fallout of lulz that will ensue… because I just couldn’t leave well enough alone after that Pancakealypse thing. In the meantime, I junk out on Lunar.

WIPs: wire, line art: Yuri, Cornelius, Death Grunty, line art: Gig, Luke, Asch, line art: everyone else + kitty!