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(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Sideways BBverse

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

I am INTERNET FAMOUS… for, like, 5 minutes. Maybe 10. And the story that goes with this pic might be a little more important than the pic itself…

It’s a followup to the last piece, and while I was finishing up on it, I lurked in TWiT‘s #unfiltered chat room while yesterday’s NSFW was recording. And, uh…. both this and the previous pic got flashed on the livestream– the first pic during the pre-show, and BOTH during the aftershow. XD And it’s STILL getting some minor retweeting action.

(…maybe I should have direct-linked the page it was on rather than a direct link to the fullview so I could get a more accurate view count. Oh well.)

Also? For being very simply-designed, Pedobear is a freaking pain to draw.

In other news, STEAM BANDWAGON. I HAVE JUMPED ON IT. (Steam ID: Ayarane)
Looted Portal since, you know, it’s kind of free right now (until the 24th). Strange, strange little game. Though I can’t say I would mind having a gun that lets me make portals. :P (Oh yes, there’s an RT gag in here somewhere… blue and orange Warp Portals, bwahaha)
It makes Blastoise work a little, though… a consequence of his being dual monitors (which halves his graphical oomph) but once he gets going everything is right as rain.