(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Party For Me ~Lowenthal Version~

I salute my fangirl shorts, internet! Not only is this gift art for the man for his birthday, but this was also an excuse to let my fandom fly considering that they are all either my favorite lead characters or damned near close to it. (In the case of Alex and Cecil, they were even among my favorites before being made moreso by the LOL-enthal. :P) Why else would I call this Party For Me? XD

My favorite part about this, though… FACE-PULLING. You know Luke and Asch would have totally been making with the face-pulling and lots of yelling. XD; Also I’m still stupidly fixated on Luke’s Berserker costume title so I had to use it here. It’s just that awesome. :(

I was going to stick Haseo in Xth form but Asch’s armor was already stupidly detailed and Haseo’s Xth form outfit is even moreso and by the time I got to that point during the line art I was all “screw that, I’m just doing first form, it’s the lesser of four evils.” That and it’s Haseo’s most recognizable form anyway, so…

Alex and Cecil = BROS FOREVER. “Dood next door” heroes represent! :D

Yeah, this has been tweeted out. I await the fallout of lulz that will ensue… because I just couldn’t leave well enough alone after that Pancakealypse thing. In the meantime, I junk out on Lunar.

WIPs: wire, line art: Yuri, Cornelius, Death Grunty, line art: Gig, Luke, Asch, line art: everyone else + kitty!

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