(WIP) Bros (and Sis) in Arms

Broooomiiiiiide. Specifically, Hikaru bromide #1. In context, it’s actually a “photo” that Commander Ezelton snapped minutes after Hikaru was given her Lord Knight rank (and Lord Knight armor changed a little bit between M.E. 2004 and 2006, so the tabard is a little different).

This is also the first time drawing a couple of Hikaru’s fellow soldier-doods– Valhalla (original player: [info]pigeonguided) and Argus (OP: [info]tehkev). Not seen but also among Hikaru’s bros-in-arms are Myconis (OP: [info]aethereall) who is Valhalla’s twin brother, and Tarin (OP: LF). Oh yes. I totally went alt-diving for this. :P

It’s, like… if RT had Facebook, this bromide would totally get posted on there. XD One of those “dood, check it, our ‘sis’ just became a Lord Knight :D” things. Naturally, there is booze involved.

I’ma go get some cocoa crispies before the new episode of Law and Order SVU starts. Omnomnom.

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