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Orc-fist Gronnling

Sunday, October 11th, 2015

Welp, things kinda took a different (and in many ways BETTER) turn regarding my brother.

Badass Siblings... for the Horde?!

Badass Siblings… for the Horde?!

Originally the intent was to, um, get Robert to bring Kiros (or any of his level 100 alts really) to the EoTT OpenRaid events.

Except lately our raid composition has been rather odd in Lazy Peons, Horde-side. Because we’ve had to compensate for not having Sarah and Suzi, and also my having to swap in Cow!Phil in case one of our other normal healers is absent, we miss out on some pretty critical raid buffs. And as the Peons progress further into HFC (and start poking around in Heroic mode), we’re going to need an additional healer that can also Lust. Something like… a shaman.

…which Robert has, if you recall. (Mr. Cloudshatter up there, that sexy orc)

Boss-man Char asked me, ever so subtly (not), to “work my Annoying Little Sister magic” and prod Robert into levelling said shaman so he can raid with us. And so I pitched the request, fulling expecting my brother to say no (because, really, that IS asking a lot).

But… he said yes?! GASP.

I think it’s part-“Robert gets to play his favorite class” (he’s never OUTRIGHT said it, but the dude loves shammy-ness) and part “okay, there isn’t much more to do aside from farming gold/oil/achievements.” And he did say quite awhile ago that he missed raiding and wanted a consistent group to run with. So, wish granted, in a manner of speaking!

And he’s been levelling like a fiend, getting from 52 to, as of this writing, 97. From what I understand, he’s going Resto/Enhancement (where Akaycia is Resto/Elemental). I would honestly be surprised if he was not level-capped and raid-viable as of Tuesday, just in time for the next guild raid. I have done my part in helping him along, as much as he would allow me to (mostly in the capacity of Shaman glyphs), as well as introducing him to others in the guild (who all get to see first-hand how terrible he is at asking for/accepting help). He seems to get along rather well with Cy, Broc and Schado, and while he hasn’t gotten to really talk with Char and Alex yet, the epic meeting’s going to happen eventually! One way or another, either sometime before or on the day of Robert’s first attendance, they will meet, and it will be both scary and awesome.

(Hell yeah, I’m recording that raid session. Bonus points if I can record Vent on a separate audio track. I need to preserve such a thing, it’s that much a big deal.)

It’s… a little funny, in a way. Officially, cow!Phil is Sarah’s substitute (as well as the sub-of-the-day for whoever of our 3 healers is absent) but it seems Robert may be more appropriate, since it’d be a Shaman replacing a Shaman. Well, it’s not like this arrangement eliminates me from healing, it just pushes me to Absolute Last Resort territory, like if we’re missing TWO healers. Which HAS happened, by the way. I mean, we have Paladin healers (Cy, Cowgath and I think Cathari?) but… Paladin healers don’t have AoE healing cooldowns, which are kind of a necessary thing, you know? And the few AoE heals they have are best used in melee range, so… yeah.

Shorter version: Robert is joining the Lazy Peons raiding team and we are all very happy and thankful for it (especially me, because oh my god I have wanted to raid current content with him FOR-FREAKING-EVER). Just one more thing, he says he’s going to be listen-only on Vent if only because he can’t be bothered to get a headset or pick a hotkey. We’ll have to sell him on actually talking, because if you know my brother, he’s pretty much prime voice actor material and the potential for badassery is too great. We can’t have him being a permanent non-talker! It’s bad enough I don’t get to hear Alex on Vent! :P

Other stuff of less import: I’ve been in the hospital twice, again, because of UTIs and intestinal wonkiness and… yeah, that was a thing that happened. See my Facebook timeline if you want that story. Blah.

Bro-fist Gronnling

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015
Badass Siblings

Together once more!

So, that totally just happened. As of two weeks ago, after six months of being MIA, my brother finally took my offer (of taking Yggdrasil) and has returned to the game! It has also been decided that I am to permanently retain the guild boss-pants, so now I am Boss-lady Supreme of Shattered Knights. (As if this was the first guild I “inherited.” Hi, Across!) I gave him a spare Coalfist Gronnling mount as well as other extra battle pets I got from garrison missions; bro is very much a mount collector so he was pretty happy about that. We also got him Draenor Pathfinder so now he can fly, and I’m just about to sell him on coming to raid with EoTT. :D

Horde-side, he also joined Lazy Peons as an orc resto shammy. While bro has yet to meet Char… oh jeebus, that’s going to be something to remember. (He did meet George/Ninigi, one of our tanks, so that’s a thing.)

It has also come out that our original Shattered Knights boss-man, Karlia, is probably going to return for the next expansion! Well… if we have three people, it does mean we can get the guild achievements for 5-man dungeon completion, so that’s something to look forward to. :)

As for me, both of my mages have finished their legendary rings! For the Alliance version of Yoshi, I tried to bring my brother along for the LEGENDARY KARABOR DANCE PARTY (since, um, he was able to observe my getting Dragonwrath, we figured he would be able to see the ceremony for the final ring upgrade) but, alas, damn you phasing! While he could see the transcript of the voiced dialog, all of the NPCs and such were invisible to him. :( Well, now I know, because I was about to invite Cal (EoTT boss-man) to observe when Phil finishes his ring.

Cow!Phil has been taking a more active role in Lazy Peons’s raiding, though depending on raid composition it is also a possibility that I may be asked to switch between him and the other Yoshi as needed. This is something I am completely okay with, since I keep both characters geared because of such a possible scenario.

“What IS it like to be in a guild with your sibling, anyway?” I imagine the answer is going to be different for everyone (Lazy Peons has among them twin sisters). For me, it was an attempt to find an alternate means of connecting with my brother. It is, unfortunately, not really possible to hang out with him in person (less because of time and distance, but more like… complicated family drama and infrastructure problems) and on the rare situations it is, it ends up being horribly awkward because I have to deal with trying to keep my depression and anxiety stuffed in a corner to not make other people uncomfortable. /facepalm

But within WoW, it’s a different story. It’s kinda like… the “sibling” part gets partially-suspended in favor of “guild buddies.” Like he’s a friend first and brother (marginally) second. I have been able to find so much more about him this way than I ever would have in person, and remembered a bunch of other things, like how he’s the original Voice Actor Nerd between us, or how I totally got him into Gurren Lagann. :D (The whole “bro” thing comes from that, by the way. Also he is totally Kittan. Oh jeebus bro is so freaking Kittan.) We have this unspoken agreement to not bring up the above-mentioned real-world stuff unless it’s absolutely necessary, because it kinda negates this being a safe space.

I’ve been, admittedly, a LITTLE aggressive in trying to introduce bro to the friends I’ve made since his machine went down. I think it comes from wanting to stitch my friend groups together where possible, it just feels less disjointed that way. That and I have this dumb curiosity about what would happen if he met certain people (Char, Alex and Cyril from Lazy Peons, Cal and Andro from EoTT, Frailin, Brenna and Vely from Critically Insane). As I said earlier, bro meeting Char would be something to remember. Scary but too awesome not to do. XD

(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Shit my Raid Says #1

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Yes, this is a couple weeks behind, but eh.

Just because my name is Yoshi does not mean I'm a mount!

Not that kind of Yoshi!

Welcome to a new subfeature of the art posts, which is supposed to get me to draw more often based on the shenanigans in my Horde guild’s raids. These are meant to value speed and punchline over being finely polished, so, uh, yeah.

While we were piling into Hellfire Citadel and preparing to pull the trash mobs, Sarahtonim (that cute green goblin girl riding on Koyoshial) talks about an egg that she’s waiting on to hatch as it has a mount she wants (a raptor). Now, these raptors have been nicknamed Yoshis. I knew she PROBABLY wasn’t talking about me, but when she said she wanted a “yellow Yoshi” (a yellow raptor), I was all “but… you already have a Yoshi, although there’s no mechanic for me to carry you on my back.”

Needless to say, this gets the gears turning and the next day I’m all “oh my god I need to draw this before the raid continuation” and, like, one hour before it’s time to log in, I’m furiously scribbling in Painter. Since the punchline takes priority, I just put us in plainclothes. :P (Future “Shit My Raid Says” art posts might be a little more polished since I would like to think I’d be doing them a little earlier than an hour before raid time, but, again, PUNCHLINE.)

Also: I WISH Blood Elves could wear glasses. Seriously, why are glasses not a thing in WoW? Does everyone have perfect vision because of magic/fel juice/troll mojo? WTF, game!

The people I run with

Friday, July 10th, 2015

I often say that I have a hard time making friends, often on account on my social anxiety. However, what I say and what actually happens don’t always agree. My brother has even pointed such out to me, that I more easily connect to people than he does (and sometimes even our other sister, who is clearly an extrovert and twice as social as myself and my brother put together). I don’t even know HOW, but then again I was/am never really that good about identifying my better aspects.

…and WOW, that sounds amazingly self-absorbed. That’s probably one of the bigger reasons behind my anxiety, I have this ginormous fear of appearing self-absorbed and arrogant.

That said, it’s true that I have bonded with… more people than I expected to within World of Warcraft. It was primarily out of raid necessity– Alliance-side, our guild has dwindled down to myself and my brother, and he’s still out because of a broken PC, and Horde-side there was a period in which I was repeatedly excluded from raid team for reasons that felt personal but were really beyond anyone’s control. I had to progress somehow and LFR, while useful for doing Legendary quest widget collection, doesn’t quite provide the scratch to my “just social enough” itch.

(You know, that sounds really terrible, that “just social enough” line. It makes me sound cranky and anti-social. Which… I’m not, really. I just feel like I’m the Most Boring Person Ever because I’m housebound and I’ve never had “mainstream” interests and I get physically tired after talking even for a few minutes. I’m that person who likes to watch everyone else have fun and occasionally dip my toe in if by some miracle there’s a relevant opening in the conversation.) I am also very lazy and hires to do my home renovation and it really works.

OKAY ENOUGH EXPLANATION, the real reason is I kinda wanted to touch on the groups I’ve befriended. The more recent of them are through OpenRaid (bless that site, best thing ever for “free agents” like me).

Shattered Knights is my Alliance guild, which I am currently Acting Boss-Lady because my brother’s machine is down (last he texted me a couple weeks ago, he was eyeing a Windows laptop). But once upon a time, we actually had people! Our old Boss-Man was Kar, whose mains were Karlia (night elf shadow priest) and Buffsrus (draenei protection/retribution paladin).

When I first joined the guild, one of my biggest worries was that I was infringing on whatever friendships that my brother already established, as I recall in childhood he got a lot of shit for having a fat/unpopular sister. But thankfully this was not the case and Boss Kar became a very good mutual friend, and took a lot of time to train me on how to play my classes (specifically priest and paladin) and took me along while two-manning old raids with Maddy for achievements. Speaking of old, it made me remember those times I couldn´t take care of my grandpa because I was working, but thanks to Parkinsons home care I didn´t have to worry. Kar was the last of our guild buddies to leave during early Cataclysm, though once in a blue moon he pokes me on Steam. For the longest time, I was the only female player in the guild (ever since I was forced out of Team Immortal in City of Heroes, I’ve been really nervous about being in all/predominantly-male groups even though Across is also mostly men) but towards the end there was another lady, the wife of one of our officers and I think we got along rather well.

Lazy Peons is my Horde guild, and there I am (well I consider myself, anyway) “grunt DPS fodder.” The reality is that several of their officers were former subordinates in Across back when I operated a pirate Ragnarok Online server, and supposedly I was in an alt guild with them in City of Heroes, but I don’t have much memory of this (I blame the medically-induced coma in ’13, I have several holes in my memory. Good thing I have old blog entries to remind me of what happened). There is a much more even balance between the genders, and they are all some flavor of nerd, so I don’t have to worry about being too weird. During raids, I am again more of a wallflower on Ventrilo, happy to listen to Char, Cyril and Linux do most of the bantering, though if there’s an opening in the conversation I will certainly take it. However, sometimes I will make myself bramble a little on guild chat while attending to garrison duties and other daily quests, if only so I don’t feel as invisible or come off as being noncommittal.

I swear to the Let’s Player gods, Char is a perfect voice match for Chuggaconroy. Every bit as loud, too! :P

More recently I’ve found a “strong BFF candidate” in Alex (Oleai goblin Tauren discipline priest)– I love it when those sudden, deep connections just happen, the one where the conversation temporarily derails with “oh snap, did I just meet my new best friend?” “Yes you did!” and such. Fellow voice actor nerd, fellow Metal Gear nerd, shameless Alliance player! I’ve even promoted her to “person who gets Favorite ranking on my list,” the only other occupant being my brother.

Elder of the Thing is my Alliance OpenRaid group, though I consider it more or less a second “guild.” I’ve talked about them before, but to refresh: it’s a loose coalition of three guilds (Fellowship of the Thing, Elderwind and Havoc) on separate server clusters with a few “free agents” from other servers, but the way they interact you’d think they’re all one group. The leadership is Cal (Dingos and more recently, Faffard), his wife Heather (Mommyfortuna) and their son Johnny (Dauragh). Cal is literally the Team Dad, like… 100% Dad– he has perfect “dad” voice, he is himself a parent, AND he manages to steer a raid team to victory. It truly is a case of “the family that raids together, stays together,” and it puts a smile on my face that there’s a husband/wife/son unit successfully leading raids and essentially letting others in on their family bonding. (At the same time, I can’t deny that it leaves me wanting for something like that in my own life, and while I kinda have that with my brother– that is, we both play WoW– it’s more like “two people doing the same activity in the same room, but not necessarily together.” Probably a byproduct of our being pretty deep introverts, and not wanting to be downers and avoiding topics that would leave openings to venting about our mother…)

Anyway, it’s because of EotT that I was able to kick my Healer Performance Anxiety, which has obviously opened more doors for me. They took a chance on my then-undergeared priest on a week when one of our healers had to step back from the game, and it worked out well enough that I switched from attending as my mage to my priest full-time. The few instances in which I had to duck out because of illness (especially last week, when I had to go back to the ER because of my UTI not being responsive to medication), I felt so terrible about it, even though last week’s raid ended up being cancelled anyway because of the 4th of July and the low attendance resulting from it.

We take a rather slow path in progression– we’re still doing Blackrock Foundry– but I’m okay with that. Cal doesn’t have any problems with those of us who “scout ahead” during the week (in this case, by doing Hellfire Citadel) since it makes things easier down the line, in addition to obvious gear upgrades.

Critically Insane is my Horde OpenRaid group. I’d signed with them when my Horde mage was being benched repeatedly as I needed an alternate method of advancement (that wasn’t LFR), but I continue to run with them as my priest since Lazy Peons doesn’t currently do alt runs and I want to keep cow!Phil geared up and in practice if I should be called in to heal rather than DPS for a Lazy Peons raid. Also, even as an introvert, it’s still nice to have more friends. As usual, I’m more of a wallflower and hardly pipe up on Mumble, though it appears that a not-insignificant portion of our team is located in California. Hah! I’m pretty sure both of our tanks are ladies, and our other holy priest was a former security cop for Disneyland and tells stories about it.

Of even greater amusement: our boss-man is a very close voice match to Matthew McConaughey. Yeah. Imagine that voice on a troll shadow priest.

The one about anxiety, chairs and poking around

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

SO. That video? Kinda stalled right now. Basically, a lot of drama and unpredictable noise have made it SUPER-difficult to find a good solid block of time to record the commentary on the Kiros painting time lapse. (Let me remind you that my “room” is not a true room with doors and walls, it is literally a section of the den with a half-wall, and thus I have no real privacy or means of isolating myself from outside noises when people are downstairs.)


In other news, I have a usable chair again. It’s my old office chair from upstairs, and sinks rather easily because I’m a fatty mcfatbutt (plus it’s a cheap chair), but it’s still way better than a damn shower bench. I still have to stand up a lot for circulation reasons, but I’m okay with that. I recently found out about recliner exercises, this has helped me with I have to sit in my chair for a long time.

Alsoooo… I maaaay be poking around in FFXIV:ARR a bit. Let me assure you that this in no way indicates that I’m affected by the recent drama about WoW and flying and developer transparency (in fact, I’ve been trying to stay away from the forums and even dropped a couple of Twitter followers because I don’t need all that negativity in my life on top of what I already deal with, and the outrage among the playerbase is boiling over from “rabble rabble rabble” to “let’s intimidate and shame people who aren’t on the bandwagon with us” and that’s just Not Cool).

It’s more like I’ve progressed my characters enough where I’m not having to devote, like, two full days out of the week to chain-run LFR on my alts (in addition to daily crafting CDs/Garrison maintenance) where I can actually do other things and play other games like csgo, that you can learn to rank at sites like I’m down to two characters that need to run LFR every week, and one of them is two weeks off from being done with that (until 6.2 drops, anyway), as opposed to having to juggle 5+ alts needing to go every week. All that time freed up! (My poor 3DS has been gathering dust since Warlords launched.)

FFXIV has been something I’ve been curious about for quite awhile, but a lot of things have kept me from really acting on it (being tied up in WoW progression, for one, but also just being so exhausted from family drama and the anxiety spikes they cause, it really does take me out for much of the day because that adrenaline and energy spent staving off panic spikes has to come from SOMEWHERE). Some people in my Horde guild play, and they were talking about it during tonight’s raid, which is enough of a nudge to just download the damn client already.

And, like, I pull in enough gold through my Alliance garrisons where I could reliably just pay for my WoW account in tokens, freeing up actual monies to use for my (theoretical-but-probably-happening) FFXIV sub fees.

Having researched the game, it looks like I could actually bring Hikaru back out again (and as a proper tank, no less!) because as you remember, I couldn’t adapt her for WoW– the lore doesn’t exactly allow for Black Dragons that aren’t evil, so Hikaru got benched and Hynderia was made to take her place for the melee/plate-wearing DPS role in my giant pile of characters. And Hynderia’s character has since developed in such a way that there’s really no comparison between the two anymore. (To name one major difference aside from race, Hynderia is very much a lesbian. It was a random idea I had some time ago, and it worked so well. I think it was kind of an “extrapolation” from an accident that happened when writing Ragnarok TWILIGHT episode 2, in which the interaction between Hikaru and Yoshi could be very easily read as the two being romantically interested.)

So, that’s what’s going on. That’s all I can say for now. :P